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Unforeseeable Circumstances Part Two: The Immortal TNG

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May. 11th, 2007 | 02:46 pm
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and now the conclusion

eeek, missed part one. Go here

and now part two

Unforeseeable Circumstances
By Summer
The Immortal The Next Generation
Season Two
Episode 7
Beta read by: Saura and Kathryn Ramage
Class: Slash
Pairing: Dom/Elijah
Based on the TV series, The Immortal
Rating: R (Violence and Strong language)
Special Appearances: Illya Kuryakin (Man From Uncle), Napoleon Solo (Man From Uncle), Mark Slate (From Girl from Uncle Series), and Sean Bean as Lt Shawn Dean, and Orlando Bloom as Orlando Mccay.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. Nope. And making no profit what so ever. This is for fun only.


She lowered the window and showed her pass key to the security guard inside her car and smiled up at him. He looked over her security card and the pass key and checked his board before looking back at the silver haired lady, wearing dark sunglasses.

“Mr. Caesar said that all personnel were to be dismissed for the next few weeks.” The security guard asseverated, looking suspicious at the woman.

“He made a special call and asked me to come back. He said that Master Dominic was home and needed to have some home made meals. You may call him you like.” Seeing him about to pick up the phone, she added. “Although he may be upset if I am delayed and don’t get supper done on time. You don’t really need this job, do you?”

The guard had seen the woman here the past week and everything did check out; he paused one long moment in debate and then put down the phone and opened the gates.

With a smile and wave, the woman moved the car into the estate. She found a parking spot in the back of the house and once she shut off the car, she pulled open the glove compartment and took out the gun; making certain it was loaded, she put it into her bag of groceries.

A moment later with a bag in her arms, she headed for the servant entrance to the kitchen.


Still in the study, Dominic was taking two Tylenols with a glass filled with water, all the while watching Vincent put the black box with the needle away behind the shelf.

Vincent then moved to the window and stared out at the estate. Viggo was still sitting in a nearby chair and was beginning to peel the apple skin slowly.

“Your daughter? You have a daughter?”

“Yes. I thought she died along with my wife many years ago.”

“But, Dad saved them? Right?”

“He saved them in order to keep me. Yes. But, my wife was frail and…It does not matter. What matters now is my daughter. I must keep her safe.”

Dominic chuckled but it was more out of frustration than amusement, then paused and thought about his own father and doubts and shrugged. “Yeah, right, keep her safe. I think she can handle herself pretty well. Considering. Have you told her?”

Vincent shook his head. “I will.”

“Then what?” asked the young man, anger slowly rising again in his tone.

“I hope to learn what I can…what Saxon wanted her to do…and then talk her out of it.”

“And if you can’t?”

“Then I will take her someplace where she can’t cause any harm…to others or to herself.”

Dominic watched as Viggo peeled the apple. He did it in such a way that it sort of unnerved Dominic, especially the way Viggo seemed fully concentrated on that apple. As if it was an insect and not a fruit. As if it was the most fascinating object in the world.

“What is there to learn? Saxon hired her to kill us and bring back Elijah for himself. Done, that is all you need to know,” replied Dominic, his voice now impatient. When was his father going to get here?

Vincent only shrugged. “Master Dominic, for once think before speaking.” Turning and seeing Dom’s confusion, Vincent tried to explain. “Surely you know that there is so much more than just kidnapping Elijah for his blood.”

It was only then that Viggo’s head snapped up. Blood?

“Saxon has joined forces with several very important men.” said Vincent.

“The IIA?” asked Dominic.

“And Doctor Paul Raven,” filled in Vincent without missing a beat.

“So what? They all want to live forever? Doesn‘t everybody?” asked Dominic.

Vincent moved to the desk and picking up a folder he handed it to Dominic.

“Read it.”

Dom opened the file. All he found was a slip of paper marked Project V.

“What is this?”

“A file…a folder concerning the topic or a project that Saxon, Raven and the IIA with The Institute are supposedly working on. A project they call V. V as if for Virus.”

Dom still wasn’t getting it. He stared at the folder to see a small slip of paper that showed a full body with several sentences on it.

Headaches, fever, hemorrhaging, shutting down of the kidney’s, nervous system, and finally full body shut down. 48 hours once released subject deceased.

“So? What has this to do with Elijah?”

Vincent grabbed the folder from Dominic and threw it back onto his desk. “I don’t know!” He roared. “I don’t know. I have been trying to find that out and have come up with one brick wall after the other. I just know that it has something to do with Elijah and possibly a third party.”

“Third party?”

“Yes….it seems that Saxon and Raven have been hiring certain people at the institute the past few months. People with unsavory backgrounds. Underworld types that are not in it for immortality. Destruction, murder, sabotage, terrorism and even domination.”

Dominic slipped out the word before he realized it. “THRUSH?”

Vincent now looked at the boy in a new light. “You have heard of them?”

“Yeah…Illya…I mean, Mr. Kuryakin ah, Jericho’s Uncle, ah Cousin-- whatever…he used to work for an agency called U.N.C.L.E and that organization use to run up against this THRUSH. But they died out back in the seventies I guess.”

Vincent raised one eyebrow. “Did they?”

“I don’t know, you tell me?” the blond asked, now defensive and angry but at who exactly even he wasn’t sure.

Vincent faced Viggo, who now was cutting his apple in halves.

“Viggo do you know anything about this THRUSH?”

Viggo smiled lightly and popped a piece of the apple in his mouth. Chewing on it for a bit, he swallowed it. “I’ve heard of them. I think I even was hired by one of two men that use to work in that organization in the past. Rather inhospitable types. Bloodthirsty too. No sense of morals and no conscience. They kill for the pleasure as well as the means to an end. I don’t like them much. They are not reliable or trustworthy. In fact the last one I worked for I had to kill him. Well, it was either him or me.”, he shrugged nonchalantly.

Taking a seat beside Dominic, Vincent folded his hands together and tried to think.

Dominic watched him for a moment and sighed. “So, you think Saxon is in league with this organization…to get Elijah? But, why would he want to kill Ben or Jason? Why does he just want Elijah alive? Surely, Saxon knows Elijah couldn’t supply them with enough blood for all of them to gain immortality? Right?”

Vincent nodded. “Which means, they are not out to get Immortality from Elijah…at least not directly. They want him for another reason.”

“But what?”

Before Vincent could answer that, the sound of a helicopter was heard from outside. Dominic got to his feet and went to the window. The helicopter made a landing on the south side of the estate. Several guards met it and assisted someone out of it, someone in a wheel chair.


Vincent met Fletcher at the door. The two stared at each other for a moment and then finally Vincent went to his knees and looked pleadingly at his boss.

“Don’t be too harsh with him. Even in the end, he loves you. You are his father.”

Fletcher sighed and waved his hand at him in full annoyance. “Away. Leave us alone.”

Vincent did as he was ordered and with Viggo at his side they headed for the staircase. As it was time to let father and son talk, it was time for Vincent to speak to Jade.


Dominic stood up when his father entered the room. For a moment the two just stared at each other. Then Fletcher slowly made his way over to the boy. He stopped just a few inches in front of him, looking unreachable as ever as far as Dom could tell.

“Tell me about this David.”

Dominic didn’t waste any time and told him about Aunt Liz, how he had bumped into her in Hawaii and how she had been drinking and told him…told him about a man named David who was Aunt Liz’s fiancé and that he had fallen in love with his mother and had planned to run away. That Liz had also suggested that, in her way…that he…that he…and there Dominic stopped.

Fletcher didn’t speak and for a moment showed no emotion at all. Then, Fletcher slowly backed the wheelchair away, towards the fireplace. He looked into the flames and then back up…to the portrait of his beloved wife. Anna. She stood before them in her ballerina outfit, forever young and dancing like an angel for the eternity.

“Dad? Is it true?” Dominic waited and then when his father didn’t answer, he moved to the wheelchair. He gently placed his hand on his father’s shoulder. And still he waited for the information to come.

When Fletcher did speak, his tone was soft and low and full of an emotion that Dominic had never seen nor heard before come from his old man. It was obvious to him that his dad was shaken by his words and the memories of a past best forgotten.

“Unforeseeable Circumstances. I could never have expected this to ever come to pass and yet it has. And so I am left with either telling a lie or a painful truth. So be it–the truth then. I never believed in love. Not after my parents and sister were killed by a burglar when I was seven. I grew up alone and in time I grew accustomed and craved that life. No worries, no emotional sentiment, no roots…nothing that could be used to hurt me or be used against me. I did a fine job until the day I met your mother. Anna. She was so young and full of life. So vibrant and gentle. Innocent. Untouched by the coldness and evils of the world. I fought it, I did. I tried not to love her. In the end…I did fall completely and utterly in love with her. I grew to love her more than anything else in this world. Even more than my own life. We married and she was full of dreams and hopes and I crushed each and every one of them. Not on purpose and not all at once, but slowly through the passage of time.”

Fletcher turned to Dominic and seeing the confusion in his sons eyes he tried to explain. “I was never there. I was too busy chasing Ben…being the hunter. She was a typical woman, fragile and temperamental at times and so-- so very easily hurt by my words and though I know she loved me, she grew lonely with my ever increasing absence.”

Dom swallowed and let go of his father‘s shoulder, he turned away and closed his eyes. No, it wasn’t true. It couldn’t be true. Much he did not agree with this man, he was still his father. The only father he had ever known. And he had done his best to raise him. Hadn't he?

“David Bechman was a business man or rather a gigolo. A poor one at that and had taken many a woman’s wealth for his own use. Your Aunt Elizabeth was his last romance. He didn't love her, of course, he was with her only for her money. He was using her and when he realized that it was Anna that was far more wealthy and powerful, he turned his affections to her. And lonely as she was…she fell for him. Every line, every romantic interlude and every poisonous lie he could manage, she believed it all. He twisted and confused your mother and led her down a path of infidelity. Yes, she had an affair.”

Dominic took an unsteady step towards the couch and then covered his face in his hands, he just couldn‘t believe this. His mother, his perfect angelic mother. “No…”

“Yes,Dominic. She had an affair. She was human and she was swept off her feet by the charisma of such a handsome and vibrant attentive man.”

“Did you know?”

“Of course. Your mother told me. She told me in the hopes of making me stay with her. To give up my job...my hunt. I did not and would not give up Ben Richards. Nor would I be willing to surrender my wife to a low life as Bechman.”

Dominic turned and stared at his father. “What--What did you do?”

“What do you think? Dominic…I was a hunter. I took care of it. In short…I hunted him down like a dog and I had him killed. If you must know, by my own hand. And I did it with great pleasure.” added Fletcher with almost a sense of righteousness.

Dominic thought he was going to be sick, like father like son. Dominic couldn‘t believe that just a year ago, he thought just like his father--acted just like his father. Wanting to possess Elijah in every way. The horror was beyond imagining.

Fletcher then softened his voice and moved closer towards Dominic.

“Was…was he? Are you?” Dominic couldn’t get it out and Fletcher shook his head.

“She was already pregnant when she had her affair. No, Dominic. David Bechman was not your father. Sorry to break your heart and your hopes and dreams alas, I am your father. Blood is thicker than water. After all we are so alike in so many ways. We both crave a Richards. Don‘t we?”

Dom sighed and shook his head. “Mom…did she find out?”

Fletcher now lowered his eyes and took a breath before answering. And when he spoke it was filled with sadness “Yes. She found out. That is why she was leaving that day. To go to London. She wanted a divorce and I told her that I would not give her one. That she was mine and she would always be mine. And what was mine would stay mine.”

He was going to be sick again, Dominic just knew it. Because in the end, this strong sense of possession of his father included Dominic. And Elijah. So alike, so much alike it was scaring the hell out of Dominic.

“I went after her, of course and she tried to escape me…that is why she ran the stop sign. That is why…your mother died. In a way, I killed her too. And that is something that I have never told anyone and never wanted you…to know. But, you wanted the truth.”

Dom swallowed and stared at his father, his eyes horrified and filled with pain and anguish. “You didn’t mean for it to happen? You didn’t mean for her to die? Please tell me you didn’t mean for her…?”

Fletcher shook his head now completely annoyed, his face screwed up in disgust. “No, Dominic. I didn’t mean for Anna to die. I didn’t want-- I should have let her go. In time…I think she would have returned to me. But I have never been one for patience in my youth. And I very seldom admit to a mistake. It was a mistake. I regret it. I regret every day of what I did to your mother. I regret the pain I caused her and the loneliness and the hurt…I loved Anna. I loved your mother very much. Believe that. If nothing else, I loved her. I never wanted to hurt her. That was the last thing…the very last thing I wanted to do.”

Young Fletcher looked away, after a moment he moved to the window. He opened it and allowed the fresh air to enter the room. For some reason he was finding it hard to breathe. It was so much to take it. So much of his life now seemed like a lie. Everything seemed to be spinning and his head…it was still pounding.

“All this time I thought that it was my fault. That I somehow killed my mom. I thought you never got close to me because you also thought I was the only one guilty. But now. I don't understand. Why, dad? Did you think I would abandon you as well? Hurt you in some way?"

Fletcher laughed. “Everyone else has. Why not you? The problem is, Dominic, as much as a pain and sometimes an annoyance you have been to me, I have come…to care for you deeply. You are my son. And you are a Fletcher and you are going to act like a Fletcher. Now,-- that we have had this explanation and wonderful trip into the past reliving regrets …now it is time to deal with the present. You will tell me, here and now, where Elijah Chevalier is. Because if you don’t…I am going to make certain that you never see him again. Ever.”

Dominic slowly turned to face his father, his eyes wide and full of disbelief. “You won‘t do that?”

“Oh…but I will.”

“You wouldn’t…you wouldn’t kill me.” Dominic replied all too quickly, which revealed he was not quite so certain that his father wouldn’t.

Fletcher laughed outright. “Kill you? Dominic…my dear boy, I have no intention of killing you. Did you not hear a word I said? I care for you. As much as I would like to strangle you sometimes, killing you is not in the future I don't mean it for real, just like no father really does. No, if you do not tell me where Elijah is… in short I am going to do more than that. I will disinherit you and you will be penniless. You will not find a job nor will you be able to support yourself in anyway. I will of course make certain you have a roof over your head. Here in this estate. But you will be staying here in a more humble capacity. As for Elijah when I do find him… I will make certain where I place him… you will not be able to find him. How does that sound, my dear son?”

He sat down again and continued to stare at his father in complete horror. “You don’t mean that.”

“I do. Trust me…I do. Now, let us end the game once and for all. You tell me where Elijah is and We… together, you and I… will go collect him and we will go off to a nice little cozy get away. Like one big happy family.”

“Father… Dad… I love Elijah, I love him. Why can‘t you understand that? I can‘t betray him? Not again. Not ever.”

Fletcher only sneered back at the young man. “Love has nothing to do with this. Love has never had anything to do with this. It has to do with Richards's blood, it has to do with Immortality and what I claim is mine….STAYS MINE!”

It was then that the door to the den opened, and as Dominic turned he saw a woman with a silver wig and dark glasses enter the room, in her hand she held a gun.

She closed the door behind her and pointed the gun at Steel Fletcher, clicking back the handle.

“That’s enough. I have heard quite enough,” she said angrily.

With one thrust of her hand, she pulled off the silver haired wig revealing dark hair, and with one wave she removed her glasses.

Dominic was somehow not surprised to see who the woman really was, and yet he was.

“Aunt Liz.”

The woman only stared at Steel Fletcher her eyes filled with rage and something that could only be summed up in one word, insanity.

“It is time to meet the reaper, Fletcher.”


“I DON’T believe YOU! You are not my father, my father is dead.” The woman shouted back angrily though the door. Vincent, however, remained calm and shoved the medallion under the door to present the only proof he had to give her.

Jade pushed back her hair and going to her knees she picked up the small medallion. It looked familiar. Very familiar. Where?

She opened it and a picture… A picture, a picture of her mother on her wedding day, standing beside her husband who wore a dark suit and a medallion. This medallion? Silver with oriental designs with a tiger under a moon and stars.

Vincent faced Viggo and waved him away. After a moment, Viggo stepped back and headed to the staircase.
Jade swallowed and took a step away from the door. A moment passed and the door was unlocked and opened. Vincent Caesar entered the room and closed the door behind him.

The young woman stared at the medallion and then at Vincent. Not a second later, her eyes narrowed and she threw the medallion on the floor and charged.

She tried to kick him in the legs, but Vincent caught the kick and sent her flying backwards. She caught her balance and came in with her hand swinging. Vincent blocked each blow and countered a hit into her ribs.

She cried out and fell to her knees, seeing an open area she tried to do a scissors cut, but Vincent was much faster and jumped up evading the knock down.

She got to her feet and growling she attacked with a leap.

Vincent caught her in mid-air and swinging her around he held her in a head lock. She tried kicking and jabbing but each time he was able to avoid any injury.

She then stomped on his foot, and Vincent lost his hold. She turned and using her claws she scratched his cheek drawing first blood. She came back with her other hand, only for Vincent to catch it. She brought up her leg to kick him in the chest but Vincent evaded and holding her arm he turned and forced her around and then threw her over his shoulders and onto the ground behind him on her back. She landed with a loud bang and a painful cry escaped her lips.

Vincent wiped the blood off his cheek and stared down at her, still without any rage or anger. Only a deadly calm in his eyes.

“I am your father, Jade… I am alive and I am here. I don’t know what happened to you. Or to your mother. What brought you here into my life? How you came to be--like this. I only want to help you. No matter how long it takes.”

She got to her feet staring at the man in confusion and fear. Was it possible? Father? She watched him go to the door, he opened it and was about to close it behind him when she called out to him.

“Father. Please, don’t go.”

He paused and turned back to face her. He re-entered the room and reached out a hand to her.
Jade looked at it and then at him and shook her head.

“I know… we have a lot of catch up to do. And a lot of explanations to give.” He kept his hand out to her.
Jade stared down at the medallion. She picked it up and looked back at Vincent.

He wanted her to come into his arms, to reach for him. She didn’t. She only held out the medallion to him. He took it.

It was a start.


“Elizabeth. Of course you would be behind all this. Would you care for a drink?” Fletcher moved to the bar, but Elizabeth moved forward and menaced the gun in Fletcher’s direction.

“Don’t you move!“ She paused and swallowed down her anger so she could speak. “I always knew… I always suspected you had something to do with David’s death and now I hear it from your own lips. My David… you killed him! You murdered him and my own sister…”

Dominic started to go towards her but Liz now trained the gun at Dom. Fletcher held up his hand. “No, Dominic. Stay back.”

“That’s right… you listen to your father.”

“Aunt Liz… you used me? All along? How did you find me in Hawaii?”

Elizabeth only laughed. “How hard could it be having an investigator track down your credit card, given by daddy? I mean, really! I’m surprised Fletcher didn’t think of it himself.”

Fletcher shrugged with a wry look on his face. “No one’s perfect.”

Dominic took a step forward but his father raised his hand again, keeping Dominic back. “Stay put.” He ordered his son. But the younger Fletcher would not hold his tongue.

“So, you used me to find dad. Because you couldn’t find him to kill him? Right? But, why now? Why would you do this now?”

Fletcher didn’t even bat an eye. “Saxon… he hired you, didn’t he?”

Elizabeth only waved the gun at Fletcher her eyes cold and filled with rage. “Yes. I got a call from him. He wanted to see me. He was concerned with some information he learned about you and that he wanted me to clarify. About my David.”

He sat there for a moment unemotional and then suddenly Fletcher was laughing. Laughing hard and loud. Dominic turned and stared at his father and then at Elizabeth in disgust.

Was his entire family insane?

“Stop it. Stop laughing, you bastard!” she shouted. “I am going to kill you!” She moved menacingly forward but Fletcher didn’t stop laughing not until the gun was in his face.

“You foolish, stupid, drunken woman. You are a pawn, a pawn to be used and then discarded. What has Saxon promised you in return? Hmm? Money? Power? Sex?”

She slapped him across the face. But Fletcher didn’t even flinch.

“For twenty years I have suffered, unable to love another… sacked with your son and left alone…Not anymore. I will have my revenge. You took my David away from me…I am going to kill you, Steel. I am going to kill you.”

“Far greater men have tried, my dear. And they all failed.” Not even a flicker of fear was in his eyes.
“Not this time.” She replied and taking a step back she pointed the gun directly at Fletcher’s face. “This time, it is over.”

The next moment that happened was all in a blur to Dominic, one moment his Aunt was holding a gun and about to fire a shot into his father and then the sound of a pop was heard.

Aunt Liz’s eyes widened and she cried out and then she fell to the ground with the gun still in her hand.
Viggo Morton came through the window, with a gun in his hand. Once inside, he went to the woman and removed the gun from her hand, pocketing it behind the back of his pants.

“You okay, Mr. Fletcher?”

Fletcher only smiled. “Viggo Morton, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Sir. At your service.” He bowed almost as if he had truly performed his services without question.
“You are very good shot.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Viggo nodded with a slight smile on his lips.

“Hmmm, for the next time do please refrain from shooting my son again. Or I may have to have you killed. Do we understand each other?” (Reference, to All The Way To The President. In which Viggo shot Dominic.)
Viggo nodded again and dropped his smile at the same time. “Yes, Sir.”

As they talked, Dominic reached for his Aunt Liz. She was still breathing but she was bleeding badly.
“Aunt Liz… Father! She needs a doctor!”

Viggo glanced at Fletcher. “I only winged her. She should be fine.”

Fletcher nodded. “Don't worry, Dominic. She’ll get the best care I can provide for her, it is the least I can do for my wife’s sister.”

Dominic stared at his father in disbelief. “It wasn’t her fault. She’s sick with grief and pain. I won’t let you hurt her. She’s been hurt enough.”

Viggo went to the desk and made a quick call.

Fletcher shrugged at his son. “As always, Dominic, you overreact. She will be cared for at the nearest hospital and then placed in a special facility that will care for her needs. All those years of drinking have killed one too many brain cells.”

“That is all you have to say? That is all you have to say about all this? Don’t you take any blame for this? It is your fault! Yes, Saxon used her and me to get to you. Yes, but she wouldn’t have done it if…if…how could you? You're insane… you are all completely and utterly fucking crazy!”

Dominic moved to the doorway and without looking back he ran out of the room. Viggo made to follow but Fletcher stopped him. “Let him go. Let him go.”


He ran to the gates and angrily faced the security guards. “Let me out! Let me out right now! DAMN YOU! Let me go!”

The Security guards faced each other. A phone rang and the main guard picked it up.

“Yes… Yes, Sir… right away, sir.” The Security man put down the phone and hit the open button. The gate opened and Dominic ran. He ran and ran as fast and as far away as he could.


Fletcher stared out the window. The Ambulance had arrived and was taking Elizabeth to the closest hospital. The police would have to be notified, by the end of the day dear sweet Elizabeth would find herself in Whitmore’s Institution. Turning away, Fletcher confronted Vincent and Viggo.

“Why’d you let him go?” asked Viggo who truly didn‘t understand Fletcher‘s change of heart, nor the reason he would just let Dominic go without following him. “Wouldn’t have been easier just to force it out of him?”

Fletcher laughed and shook his head and looked to Vincent waiting for a confirmation. Vincent nodded once. “Brute force is not always necessary, Mr. Morton. After all, it is so unbecoming and barbaric. Besides, the homing device that Mr. Vincent placed in Dominic while he was unconscious is a far better means of getting what I want. He will lead me straight to Elijah Chevalier. You see…I always get what I want especially when I lay claim to it. What is mine stays mine? And as I wanted Ben Richards…I want Elijah Chevalier. Now…go get him for me.”

Vincent moved to the desk and pulled out a laptop. He opened it and saw a large map of the city… within the large vast city was one red dot…and it was making its way to the airport.

“And what about Master Dominic?” Asked Vincent.

Fletcher smiled. “What about him? When I have Elijah, he will come running home to me. And he will find that this time if he wants Elijah… he is going to have to have a very change of attitude. Go!”

Viggo and Vincent quickly gathered there things and headed out the door.

A few hours later, Fletcher was in his helicopter heading for parts unknown.

Viggo and Vincent with an added passenger, Jade, arrived at the L.A. Airport to get on a private jet. Fifteen minutes later their plane took off.


Already in the air and heading for Greece, Dominic Fletcher sat quietly in his seat. As a flight attendant passed by him, she paused when she saw the state the man was in. His eyes were closed and tears were running down his face. Absently, Dominic rubbed at his head. He still had a headache. It was sharp and almost felt like he had been hit with something made of metal.

He seemed lost in his own world. Sad, desperate---alone.

“May I help you, Sir?”

Dominic opened his eyes, wiping away the tears with his sleeve and nodded.

“Yeah. Ah, I have a terrible headache…do you have any Tylenol?”

“Extra strength?” she asked.

“Yeah. That would be great, thank you.”

She returned a moment later with two tylenols and a glass of water. Dominic took the pills and swallowed down the last of the water. An hour later, the flight attendant checked in on him. He was asleep and yet he was still shaking? She reached for a blanket and covered him before moving onto her next passenger.


U.N.C.L.E London HQ

Illya couldn’t believe what he was seeing on the screen. Napoleon just sat in the chair with his mouth hanging open, while Mark---Mark Slate, second in command at London HQ, had gone pale.

“I don’t believe it. They are mad. They have to be completely and utterly mad?”

Illya looked at Mark and shrugged nonchalantly. “That is THRUSH. Some things never change.”

“We have to stop them,” replied Napoleon.

Standing to the left, Shawn Dean stepped forward and shrugged. “A virus…they created the ultimate weapon but not to gain power or money….they want to end it…end it all. Kill billions of people. That’s insane.”

Napoleon turned Shawn and nodded. “They have to make sure they have a cure for their weapon. So as to make certain a few… a certain few would survive.”

Illya was completely disgusted. “That is why they want Elijah. If his body, his blood, has the immunities for this virus then they can unleash it…and then in the aftermath…THRUSH, once again comes out on top. They will build a new world. And they will be the Masters.”

“That is why Emerson and Doctor Raven are working together with THRUSH. But what is Saxon’s gain in all this? Why would he join forces with them?”

Illya didn’t even have to think about it. “Why did Saxon experiment with his son? Why has he married many different kinds of woman…all different walks of life…Woman that after a time he threw aside. Why did he go after Jean Chevalier? Why did he kidnap Elijah and take his blood and use it for himself when he is in perfect health? Why has he suddenly been very careful with his newly wed wife… his newly wed pregnant wife and mother of Elijah?”

Napoleon tapped his fingers on the table thinking it over. “He wants something… that they or rather he thinks Jean might have in her own body?”

It was Shawn who spoke out. “He wants the perfect child? An Immortal child of his own flesh and blood?”

Illya smiled. “More to the point, an immortal child of his flesh and blood that he can control.”

“And that is the deal. THRUSH gets Elijah….and he gets to start a new Master race? Still in control and on top of things.”

Shawn shook his head. “That’s,--that’s crazy, isn’t it?”

Mark leaned back against his chair and shook his head as his hands folded together. “Not so crazy, since THRUSH has always desired to have the control over the World. Now they have the opportunity to do so. All they need is one immortal…one boy.”

“But surely this is all a joke? I mean this Elijah… he’s not immortal? I mean that is fantasy, right?”

Illya smiled. “How old do you think I am, Shawn?”

“I don’t know…Forty?”

“I am over seventy.”

Shawn laughed but seeing Illya was not joining in he stopped. “You're not kidding?”

“Immorality exists or at least to a select few… how this came about and how many are there of us exist is not known. But all THRUSH really needs is just one of us… One Immortal to effectively use for their purposes.”

“But, why Elijah then? Why not you? Or find another Immortal? Why him specifically?”

Illya shook his head. “I don’t know. That, we still need to find out.”

Mark got to his feet. “Shawn…I am going to need you for more services.”

“I am yours to command, Sir.”

Mark nodded. “I need you to find Elijah Chevalier and the boys and bring them in as quickly as you possibly can.”

The blond Russian leaped to his feet at this. “NO!”

At once Napoleon got up and moved to Illya’s side, his hand gently touching his shoulder to calm his old comrade. “Illya. We have to get the boys to safety. They are not safe anymore. This has turned into an all out right war. THRUSH has returned and you know they will stop at nothing, allow no one to stop them from getting to that boy… including killing the others. Jericho. Billy. Dominic… Even Natasha. We have to bring them in and that way buy us time to stop Saxon and Emerson…before it…before it becomes the ending of everything. We need that time to find the virus and where they intend to unleash it upon this planet.”

Illya stared at Napoleon and then at Mark… finally back at Shawn.

“I will be as gentle as I can. I promise, Mr. Kuryakin.” and Shawn started for the door.

Illya swallowed and moved to follow Shawn his face set in determination. “I’ll come with you, I can talk to them and…”

Napoleon grabbed Illya by the shoulder and pulled him back. Mark nodded and Shawn was out the door.
“No Illya. You're not safe out there either. They find you; they will either kill you or worse… No. You have to stay here with me. Please. Let‘s leave this to the young ones.”

Illya waited and then after a long moment he lowered his eyes giving in. He always hated it when Napoleon was right.

Mark moved to the phone and picked up the receiver. “I’ll begin a full outright search for the boys… every agent I can spare… we will find them and bring them here with you.”


Shawn was just collecting his gun and badge when he noticed the young man he came with was still sitting in the lobby. Upon seeing him, Orlando rose from his seat and came towards him.

“Hey. I thought I would never see you again. They wouldn‘t even give me a tour to pass the time.”

Shawn laughed and looked at the young man. The lad looked like a love sick puppy.

“I thought I told you to go home?” He raised an eyebrow at the young man and tried his best to look put out, but his eyes gave him away.

“I didn’t want to.” Orlando replied back and Shawn gave him an exasperated look. “I want to stay with you,”
emphasized the man. Somehow, deep inside Orlando felt as if his future, his destiny was somehow linked with this strange U.N.C.L.E agent and the last thing he wanted to do was walk away. Besides, Shawn was cute.

“I’m sorry, Orlando, but where I am going you can’t come. You have to go home now.”

“I don’t have a home. I mean I left Ireland to go to America and start my life and the Institute was my first job and well, now it's over…I don’t even have any money for a cab.”

Shawn headed out the exit door, and out into the streets of London. Orlando was right behind him. Once they were on the sidewalk, Shawn pulled out his wallet and started counting his money.

Orlando pushed the wad away when he offered it to him. “I don’t want your money. I don’t even have any friends, I mean real friends to turn to…Please! Can’t I stay with you? I could be helpful; I mean, I didn’t give you away. And besides, I am very clever.”

Shawn waved for a taxi. “Orlando…”


“Orlando,” he replied slowly, dragging the name out to hit home his point. He just couldn’t have this kid hanging around him. “I have to go looking for someone and I can’t be looking for them if I am looking after you. Surely you have someone you can turn to? Someone that will take care of you?”

“No, I mean, well, there is Aunt Kassandra but… well but, not really and please, Shawn. I can help you, please!"

The taxi pulled up and Shawn opened the door. After a moment Sean ptended to surrender to Orli charms, he waved his hand for Orlando to get in. Once Orlando was in, he closed the door and went to the driver. “Take the kid to 67 Cambridge Street.” Handing the guy a large sum of money, he turned to see Orlando rolling down the window.


He pulled out a key and handed it to the young lad. “My apartment is on the second floor and I haven’t even unpacked, so that will keep you busy for the next few days. I have some money in my desk use it to get some food to eat. I’ll call you later in the week, in the meantime I want you to contact this Aunt of yours and see if you can work out an arrangement to live with her. If I have to, I’ll talk to her. Goodbye, Orlando.”

“But…SHAWN!” cried out the young man.

Shawn hit the top of the cab door and with that, the cab driver rolled out of sight. Shawn watched as a very young looking and sorrowful face stared at him from the back seat window.

Shawn sighed. Kids….lovesick kids. He turned then and hailed for another cab; as he got inside and ordered him to the next airport, Shawn couldn’t help but feel…well, kind of empty. Like he was now missing something important.


Feedback...yes please.

And I am working on the next episode, which takes us to Greece. Entitled: Splintered Faith.
(Orli returns with more foreboding premonitions, Elijah's Mother is finally seeing the light. Jason appears at last with new revelations. Where did they get there special blood.

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