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The Immortal TNG The Next Generation: Unforeseeable Circumstances

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May. 11th, 2007 | 11:32 am
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and now, Drum role...the series continues with the newest episode.

Sum up: Dom returns home to try to get some answers about his past. He may learn more than he ever wanted. and most of all....ORLANDO Arrives on the scene. (Orlando Bloom as Orlando Mccay. Along with Shawn Dean--Sean Bean, Viggo, and of course another reunion with the Men from U.N.C.L.E.) PS: After much debate decided to pair Orlando with Sean Bean's character--eventually...have to move the romance slowly along.

So come one, come all. Feedback...yes, always crave it.

A special thank you to Saura and Kathryn Ramage for beta reading this episode for me.

Don't know this series. Than Please visit my website. And check it out from the beginning.
(I will be updating my website page in the next few days.)

and now: Part One of Unforeseeable Circumstances (Will post part two later today) _And yes I am working on the next Episode Splintered Faith where Dom and Elijah are reunited. And a little teaser, The revelation of where the Immortals got there blood is FINALLY revealed. And Jason makes his appearance at long last.)

Unforeseeable Circumstances
By Summer

The Immortal The Next Generation
Season Two

Episode 7

Beta read by: Saura and Kathryn Ramage

Class: Slash
Pairing: Dom/Elijah
Based on the TV series, The Immortal
Rating: R (Violence and Strong language)

Special Appearances: Illya Kuryakin (Man From Uncle), Napoleon Solo (Man From Uncle), Mark Slate (From Girl from Uncle Series), and Sean Bean as Lt Shawn Dean, and Orlando Bloom as Orlando Mccay.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. Nope. And making no profit what so ever. This is for fun only.

Part 1

Fletcher and Saxon Medical and Science Institute (California) : Building D

His disguise worked perfectly. Lt Shawn Dean walked nonchalantly down the long corridor and walked directly into an elevator. Pulling out his fake ID card, courtesy of The U.N.C.L.E, he pushed it into the small control panel and waited. Hearing a small beep, Dean punched in the number code and felt the elevator slowly make its way downwards. His disguise was a three piece dark blue suit with a red tie and a long white overcoat jacket that had the forged name of one of the men who worked in this building. A man who had vanished from his apartment that morning so Shawn could fill in his shoes; by the time the real Shagnon gets free, he will be long gone. His job of course was to get in and get out as fast as he could with what information he could get in the Computer archives room. Which was somewhere down in the third level. Should be a piece of cake.

A few seconds later, the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened to reveal an almost identical corridor, Dean had just left. Stepping off the platform, the doors closed noiselessly behind him. Looking around, Dean saw that the hall was completely empty. He didn’t have time to wonder why everything seemed so empty. Most office places were busy with personnel at this hour. Although in many ways this worked more to his advantage, until he saw the camera on the side panel. Figures, nothing could ever come easy. Still, Shawn had an easy solution to get rid of the camera. Staying close to the outer wall, Shawn inched his way towards the camera and once he was close enough he pulled out a small microchip and placed it just under the camera lens.

The soft sound of a fizz was heard, informing Shawn that the camera had been successfully neutralized, at least for the moment. Glancing at his watch, Shawn nodded; it was time for the changing of the guards and that would give him at least a few minutes, perhaps five minutes at the most, before they noticed the security camera malfunction.

Moving down towards the long hall, Dean could see several dozen doors leading into private offices and various lab rooms.

Though there were many, he was only looking for a certain one. Reaching the last door to his left, Dean read the label and smiled. Saxon’s private Archive computers room and Lab.

Seeing the small control unit on the side of the door, Dean pulled out his card and pushed it into the slot and then hit the coded numbers. The door made a small sound and then clicked.

Glancing around to make sure the coast was clear, Dean pushed open the door and stepped into the room.


U.N.C.L.E British HQ, London

Mark Slate stared at his watch and shook his head, before glancing up to look into the face of Napoleon Solo.

“He should have called by now,” muttered Napoleon, who was slowly getting aggravated, and readjusted his tie.

The British officer looked on at the dark-haired American and smiled, pushing his own worries aside for the moment. Napoleon had grown impatient in his senior years. The days of being President had made him anxious for instant results.

“Patience, mate. Give the bloke a little time,” he muttered, before taking a seat behind the desk. Napoleon shrugged and also took a seat beside his old comrade and friend, still looking worried and agitated.

“A lot is riding on this? Can you be sure the codes you were given are up to date and reliable?”

“99 Percent sure.”

Napoleon looked at the red-haired older gentleman and raised an eyebrow. Mark smiled and shrugged his shoulders. “I always leave a small percentage for error.”

Without replying, Napoleon got back to his feet and paced the small office.

“Are you certain Doctor Shagnon is well secured?”

“The Doc is being well looked after by April. As soon as Shawn gets out, we'll release him and by the time he sounds the alarm it will be too late for Saxon or Raven to do anything.”

Napoleon wasn’t convinced. “What if someone looks at Shawn’s I.D. and sees that it is not the Doctor?”
“The Doctor only just arrived a week ago at the institute. I really think everything will go like clockwork.”

The former president of the United States paused to look outside the window. A park could be seen below. On the swings several children could be seen. One of them he recognized as his daughter, Rebecca.

She was seven and half now and looked better than she had for some time. The blood she had been given had made her strong again. He smiled in relief; from the last tests results, the cancer was in remission.
Thanks to Illya, his daughter would live. Provided she continued to get a blood transfusion from him every two to three months. Napoleon looked to his left and saw a blond-haired man dressed in a black turtle neck sweater and matching pants sitting quietly on a park bench, reading a newspaper, all the while keeping an eye on the little girl on the swing.

If this all worked out, Illya, his daughter and he would be taking the next plane to Geneva. There they would be setting up talks with several powerful world agencies that could benefit U.N.C.L.E. Even possibly bring U.N.C.L.E back to the United States.

But, what were the IIA up to? Somehow Napoleon knew that Thrush, their old nemesis was mixed up into this whole mysterious scheme with Saxon and Doctor Paul Raven. But no one could be certain what they were all up to.

That was why Lt Shawn Dean had been sent inside the belly of the beast.

The facts were all on the table, Napoleon knew that General Emerson and Doctor Paul Raven, both so-called former Thrush agents were in league with The Saxon Institute and the IIA. Napoleon also knew Emerson wanted to get his hands on The Richards family. In fact to get his hands on their precious Immortal blood. Napoleon also knew that the IIA had delved into some illegal underground contraband the past few years. Mostly weapons and highly explosive chemicals.

That was enough to put U.N.C.L.E Europe on alert. With no major United States agency to keep tabs on these developments, the powers at be, The United Nations, saw no reason to interfere. The IIA was a legalized branch that could delve into secret science and medical experiments without being questioned. They did not care who was part of their group as long as it brought results to helping and benefit the rest of the world. There was no knowing how deep THRUSH had penetrated the United Nations and how many corrupted officials were in place to even attempt to stop THRUSH. And, naturally some of the best leading doctors in the country worked for the IIA and The Saxon and Fletcher Science institute. There had been even talk of finding a real cure for Cancer.

Napoleon and U.N.C.L.E Europe smelled something fishy. For some time now, they had suspected that many of the agents within the IIA had crossed the line. Not only that, but had also allowed several unethical men come to work for them. Although it was all kept very hush, hush.

And a great deal of these men were turning out to be retired THRUSH agents. The arch enemy of U.N.C.L.E. An old world organization believed dead and disbanded back in the early 1970‘s.

Napoleon suspected THRUSH had regrouped itself and was rebuilding from within a legal stand point to promote themselves as squeaky clean. Keep themselves above reproach. Napoleon knew better, they were up to their old tricks. World Domination. That had to be what they were up to.

What and how they were going to do this was not known. The only connection they had at the moment, of the IIA united with THRUSH, was that Saxon, who was having secretive meetings with Emerson and Doctor Paul Raven. Nothing else to go on, except for intuition, Mark and Napoleon had devised a plan to infiltrate Saxon’s institute in an attempt to find out exactly what was going on.

Napoleon glanced at his watch and continued to stare out the window. For some reason, Napoleon felt that, depending on what Dean discovered, they were running out of time in preventing something diabolical from happening.

And until Napoleon knew exactly what they were up to he wouldn’t get a good night's rest.


Dean found the desk and the filing cabinets a total waste of his time. He could find nothing related to the IIA or even the Immortals. The small laptop in the corner part of the desk was his last resort. Taking a seat at the desk, Dean put the computer on and waited.

Automatically, the computer asked for a password. Dean, already anticipating this, took out a small wire with a small computer chip and inserted it into the hard drive. Using the mouse, he clicked on a small button and heard a small beep. He only had to wait a moment before the specialized U.N.C.L.E disk overrode the password.

‘U.N.C.L.E, certainly has some interesting gadgets.’ Thought Shawn. Several folders popped up and Dean quickly scrolled down, reading them as he went. The second to the last file caught his attention. It read Destructive Virus.

Clicking on the word, the computer popped up another password request. Fortunately the special equipment from U.N.C.L.E overrode that as well in a matter of seconds.

Finally a document appeared and, reading just a few paragraphs, Dean gasped in surprise, his eyebrows drawing together in shock.

“You have got to be kidding me. Jesus…”

He took out a blank disk and quickly inserted it into the laptop C drive and copied the document. Leaving that folder, Dean went to the last folder and read the all too brief title. Project Immortals. He couldn’t pass this up and clicked on that as well.

Glancing at his watch and realizing he didn‘t have much time to even look at it, Dean simply copied that document and then pulled out the disk and removed the special U.N.C.L.E gadget off the hard drive. He then shut the laptop down and got to his feet.

Hurrying out the door, Dean was just closing the door behind him and placing the disk into his pocket when someone slammed right into him.


The young man, with dark brown hair and matching liquid eyes, had not watched where he was going and wound up slamming into a tall figure. The folders in his hand went flying and hit the ground hard, with the strange man landing right on top of him.

When the young man looked up, he saw an older man with blondish hair and emerald eyes. He had a weathered face and was drop dead handsome, rugged look that certainly gave him character. He was quite startled as he recognized this face…from his dreams.

Dean stared down at the young lad before him, who couldn’t be more than in his mid to late twenties.

“Sorry. I tend to be a bit clumsy.” Recovering from his surprise the young man underneath him found his voice, who had a hint of an accent that sounded Irish and British. The lad‘s tone seemed far younger than his years and those startling brown eyes were wide with innocence.

Getting to his feet, Dean helped the young man, who in return couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of him.
“It was my fault.” Dean quickly glanced up and down the hall, but seeing it was still clear, he nodded.

“No, no, it was mine…I should have been watching where I was going. I--do I know you?”

The younger man blushed slightly and slowly looked down at his feet for a few seconds before his eyes came back up to look Shawn directly in the eyes. Yes, this was the man he had seen in his dreams. Just two weeks ago. A reoccurring dream that haunted him every night since.

The dream was always the same, Orlando would find himself on his knees, feeling frightened for his life and his hands were up in the air. He was in danger as two unknown men prepared to shoot him in the back and then…this man would appear behind those men. The stranger would shoot those men and then…then he woke up.
Dean thought fast and smiled, slightly amused to see the lad seemed to be awkward around him. “No, I just started today.”

“Oh,” Glancing at the older man’s I.D. he smiled. “Doctor Shagnon. I started a few weeks ago too. My name is Orlando Mccay. But most people call me Orli.” He then gave Dean a smile that revealed pearly white teeth. Dean looked at the young man and then bent down and began to help this Orlando with the paperwork he dropped all over the floor.

“Thanks. I, ah, work in the lab down the hall. Mostly boring stuff, like hair products and the results on rats and mice. It is like giving them a free spa treatment.” The lad then proceeded to chuckle and Dean narrowed his eyes; he didn‘t have time for this small talk. He had to get out of here fast. That was when Dean noticed something else. The way the young man touched his hand lightly, as they retrieved the rest of the papers and folders, the way his brown eyes glanced at him timidly under the long lashes.
‘Was he imagining things or was this lad….hitting on him?’

“Fascinating.” Sean replied, all the while trying to figure the young man out. Was he trying to delay his escape or…really flirting with him?

“And you work?” Orlando looked at the door that the stranger came out from. “Are you Saxon’s new lab assistant?” Collecting the last of the papers, Orlando put the folders together in an unorganized heap.
Dean cleared his thoughts and looked up and down the hall. Still clear, he had to get going. “I have to go. Sorry. Maybe we can talk another time.”

Dean did a quick walk around Orlando and headed for the elevator. Orlando quickly followed behind him.
“That must be awesome. I never met Mr. Saxon. Well, I have seen him around with that beautiful new wife of his. But we never met. So, you’re new. Ah, unmarried? Single?”

Dean continued walking, but gave the young man an odd and yet amused and questioning look.

“I didn’t see a ring? Girlfriend?” Not getting a reply, Orlando tried something else. “Boyfriend?”

Dean punched the elevator door and thankfully it opened at once. He stepped inside, almost sighing in relief.

Orlando blinked and looked at Dean with an almost longing look. “Here’s my number.”

And before the doors closed, Orlando placed a small white piece of paper into his hand. After the door closed, Orli stared at the closed doors and licked his lips. Now, that guy was hot! Although, Orlando had to smile, whoever the guy was he was not Doctor Shagnon. After all, he had been ordered to assist the doc three days ago. Not that Orlando really liked Doctor Shadnon, who was always shouting at him for being so clumsy.

Whatever was going on, Orlando wasn’t exactly sure he wanted to know, especially with whatever happened to the real Doctor. And yet, a part of him hoped that he would get another chance to meet this…imposter. Turning on his heel, Orlando decided to head to the lab and take a look and see what this guy was up to. Couldn’t hurt?


Dean stared at the white piece of paper with an raised eyebrow. After a long moment, it finally hit him what the lad had done. He shook his head and started to laugh. Then in an after thought he put the paper into his pocket.

Dean waited for the elevators to come to a stop and when the doors opened, he made for the exit. He did not look back.


Orlando sat down at the computer and looked it over. No matter what he tried to do in the past three minutes, he couldn’t seem to bypass the security code. Shaking his head, Orlando was just about to give up and head back to his lab, when he heard the door open.

“Don’t move!” shouted a firm and angry masculine voice.

Looking up, Orlando saw two security men enter the room, they had a gun in each of their hands. He swallowed and slowly got to his feet with his hands raised in the air. He recognized the security men at once as the same men he had seen in his dreams. The ones that were going to shoot him.



U.N.C.L.E British HQ London

Napoleon was summoned to the main office. Leaving his daughter in the care of one of the secretaries, Napoleon took his partner Illya Kuryakin with him. Entering the office, Napoleon and Illya could see Mark was on the phone.

“When did this happen?” Mark cursed loudly, and then hung up the phone with a bang.

“What happened?”

Mark sighed and shook his head at his two old comrades. “He escaped. Seems April, the old girl, is getting a bit slow and the guy got away. She was able to catch him but not before he made a phone call.”

“Where is Shawn?” asked Illya.

Mark held out his hands and shrugged. “Don’t know.”

Illya glanced at Napoleon and folded his arms around his chest. “I knew I should have gone in myself.”

Napoleon only shook his head. “Not now Illya, right now let’s see if..” He stopped in mid-sentence when a loud wail filled the office.

All three men recognized the whistle as the communicator device formally used by U.N.C.L.E back in the 1960’s. Although communication devices had changed since then, Mark had given out a select few to certain agents. Including Shawn Dean. Mark grabbed for the U.N.C.L.E. Pen lying on his desk and flipped off the cap and twisted the outer part of the pen.

“Opening channel E….Shawn?”

“Hi. Yeah, it's me.”


Shawn got into the car and closed the door behind him. Safely inside he prepared to start the engine all the while holding the secret pen that was really a communication device given to him by Mark before he left the HQ office in London three days ago. It was really the coolest thing he had ever seen.

“Just letting you know, I got in and everything is a done deal.”

“You have it all on the disk?”

“That I do. I should be at the airport in twenty minutes and on my way back to London within the hour.”
“Great. We’ll be waiting.”

Shawn closed the channel and then, patting the pocket where he held the disk, he turned on the engine and was just about to put the car in drive when something caught his attention out the corner of his eye.
Three men were exiting the building he had just entered. Two men were holding guns over the third man. A familiar third man. The young man he had run into on the third level. The lad was being taken not to the security office but to the back of the building.

'Forget it,' thought Dean. 'Just go. You have more important things to be doing than…' Shawn sighed when he saw one of the security men give the lad a hard shove that sent him sprawling onto the ground. They then roughly picked him up and continued to lead him away to the back of the building.

Nothing was back there…except trash and waste—the perfect place to get rid of a problem without any witnesses.

Shawn swore softly under his breath and put the car back into park.


“What are you doing? I didn’t do anything? Look,” Orlando turned to the men and felt his back connect against a concrete wall. “Call the police but I am telling you--”

The security men only stared back in cold silence; the expressions on their faces completely unnerved Orlando.

It was then that Orlando realized what they were about to do. His nightmarish dream was about to come true. “You can’t do this! You can’t…what…I didn’t--this is insane!

The darker security guard pointed the gun. “We have our orders…kill any intruders. Turn around and count to ten…”

Orlando took a sharp breath. They were kidding, they weren’t really going to--? This was NOT happening.

“Turn around!” The light haired security guard sent a fist into Orlando’s chest. Doubling over, Orlando fell back gasping in shock, real fear filling his eyes.

They were! They were going to shoot him. They were going to kill him. Just like in his dreams!


Orlando swallowed and slowly started to turn to beg and plead for his life if it was necessary. He didn‘t want to die like this.


Orlando barely held back a sob, his legs began to buckle and he found himself slowly going to his knees. ‘Please, please-’ he thought madly, ‘let the other part of my dream come true.’


Two popping sounds came from behind him and then two loud thuds, like bodies falling? Orlando whirled around and saw the two security men lying on the ground on their stomachs, a gun still held in each of their hands.

Orlando swallowed and got to his feet still shaking from the shock of it all. A man stood right behind them, no longer wearing a white coat and in his hand he held a gun with a silencer, he knew this stranger though.

Before Orlando could say anything to the imposter he had met in Shagnon’s lab, and the man from his dreams, the man stepped forward and grabbed Orlando by the arm.

“Come on, let’s go.”

Orlando didn’t even hesitate and followed the stranger into a nearby car and he was just closing the door and putting on his seat belt when the sound of an alarm outside filled the air.

Shawn started the engine and slamming the car into drive he pushed down on the gas petal and made for the gates.

“Get down!” he shouted, just as Orlando saw the gates were closing and several security men coming out of the guard house with guns in their hands. They fired several shots. One of the shots hit the back window, just missing Shawn’s head. The second shot hit the mirror, shattering it into a thousand fragments, falling on Orlando’s back and head.

Shawn didn’t stop and slammed into the gates, throwing two security guards off balance and into a nearby ditch. Shawn continued down the road at top speed, he didn’t look back.


The plane lifted off and only when they were in the air did Shawn start to relax. He needed a drink and quickly made himself a shot of whiskey.

Glancing at his still scared, unexpected passenger, Shawn made him a drink too.

“Here….it will calm your nerves.”

Orlando took the drink but continued to stare at his hands and feet. Apparently the lad still didn‘t know what to make of all this. Well, Shawn probably suspected the young man had never been almost executed for just being too nosey.

“Next time, remember curiosity killed the cat.”

Finally facing the stranger, Orlando couldn‘t help himself to ask him a question. “I don't know what's going on. I don't know why they tried to kill me. You must know it–you knew they were going to bloody execute me! Tell me why! I've been in the lab helping Doctor Shagnon and now I'm a stranger they need to be get rid of!"

Shawn blinked when the lad finished that last part. “You…”

“Sure. I am Doctor Shagnon’s assistant. But don't worry; I didn't say anything about you in there. I suppose you are from… what? The FBI?"

Shawn smiled and sat down beside Orlando. “I can’t go into details, however..” He took out his badge and showed it to Orlando.

Orlando’s mouth opened in awe and blinking he smiled and looked at Shawn with new worshipping eyes. “YOU work for the U.N.C.L.E? Ohmyfuckinggod that is totally awesome! I mean…” He swallowed and softened his voice trying to appear far more worldy than he really was, which for some reason really endeared Shawn to the lad. “Cool. I figured that Shagnon and Saxon weren’t really up to legal standards. I mean, just look at their health benefits package.”

Shawn smiled at the young man and shook his head. “As soon as we land in London, I’ll see about getting you back home.”

Orlando shrugged; relaxing, he leaned back in his seat and took a sip of his whiskey. “No rush, I mean you may have to put me in protective custody and all that and keep an eye on me and everything… besides, I don’t have any family. My mom died in Ireland five years ago and she was all I really had in this world.” Orlando paused and smiled. “Secret agent…that is just…okay, well so what is your name anyway? I mean your real name?”

Shawn couldn’t help but chuckle, this lad was indeed too curious for his own good and yet, Shawn found he was really likeable.

“Shawn, Shawn Dean.”

“Shawn…Hi…I am Orlando Maccay…”

“I know your name already, Orlando.” Shawn replied taking another sip of his drink.

“Yeah…I just wanted to tell you again. That’s all.”

Shawn now laughed and closed his eyes. “Get some sleep, Orlando; we have a few hours before we get to Heathrow.”

The young man smiled at Shawn and replied softly. “Orli…I like to be called Orli.”

Shawn sighed but refused to open his eyes. He needed a nap. “Orlando…go to sleep. We’ll talk later.”

Orlando nodded, and though he stopped talking, he continued to stare at Shawn with eyes that spoke more than words could ever say.


Fletcher Estates

The Security guard waved him in with barely a nod. Funny, he didn’t remember the guy and yet the guard seemed to know him. Seated in the back seat of the cab, Dominic Fletcher stared at the open gates, seated in the back seat of the cab, and looked on at the mansion. Home. He was home and instead of feeling content about that, after all his sleeping in a car and a lot of times on the ground the past few months he should be happy to finally be able to get a chance to sleep in a real bed, or more to the point his bed. It should have made him happy.

It didn’t.

Dom was still feeling lonely and completely depressed. He had left Elijah with nothing but a note. No explanation why he had to leave. He had thought about it long and hard and in the end, Dom knew that if he told Elijah about the run-in with his Aunt and his reason for returning home, Elijah would have come with him.

Here. Right into the hands of the enemy. No, no matter how hurt Elijah was with his leaving, it was better and safer that Elijah went to Greece to find Jason Richards. It was time he, Dominic Fletcher, stopped running and come finally face to face with his past. Once and for all.

Dominic got out of the cab and, paying the man, he slung his duffle bag over his shoulders and headed for the entrance. He glanced around the estate and saw several security men but none of them even gave him a glance. The sound of the gate closing caused him to glance back. Three security guards now stood in front of it.

Great, he could get in but no getting out. Figures.

He was not surprised to find the door to the mansion unlocked. Stepping inside and wearily glancing around the room, Dom paused and waited. Nothing. No one was here to greet him?


Where was Vincent? Closing the door behind him, Dominic was about to head for the stairs when he heard footsteps coming from down the hall. The study.

Dom put down the duffle bag and moving away from the stairs, he headed down the hall towards the den.
“Vincent?” Dom paused at the door, not receiving an answer he opened the door and started inside. The next thing he knew he felt an arm wrap around his neck.

“Hello, kiddo. Welcome home.”

Released and spun around, Dom’s eyes widened in shock to see Viggo Morton standing by the door with a pistol pointed right at his chest.

Dominic swallowed and went to speak when Viggo fired one clean shot. The dart hit him just under his shoulder. Gasping, Dominic took several steps back and fell to his knees onto the rug. A burning sensation ran up his arm and than a wave of heat followed all over his body.

“We’ve been waiting for you.” That was the last thing Dominic heard before he blacked out.


“Dominic? Can you hear me? Master Dominic? How strong was that dosage you gave him Viggo?”

“Not much, look he’s coming around now, Vincent.”

He moaned and tried to open his eyes. Dominic was lying on a couch…in the study, he guessed, and was trying to sit up but couldn’t seem to find any strength to do so. He felt dazed and shaky. The blond was also sure his head was going to pop off any second. Either that or he was going to die. Waves of nausea followed and he felt sick, really sick.

Vincent swore angrily and grabbed a nearby bowl where Dominic emptied out the contents of his last meal.
“Get me a towel…and some water…NOW,” ordered Vincent.

Viggo shrugged and did as Vincent bid. He returned to see Vincent sitting next to Dominic, rubbing the boy's back gently. He handed over the towel and water, and Vincent at once cleaned the boy's face and mouth and then offered the water.

Dominic sipped it and then pushed it away. He blinked and then, looking a little less green, managed to open his eyes and stare at the two men.

“What the hell?” Dom started and then stopped when he saw Vincent get to his feet and moved towards his desk. “You didn’t have to shoot me, for crying out loud…I came walking in here. What did you expect me to do? Run away?”

Viggo shrugged, moving to join Vincent by the desk. “You could have had a weapon. I needed to make sure and you and your friends have caused me plenty of grief. I didn’t want to be taking any more chances.”
Dom turned at Viggo and glared at him. “Fuck you!”

Then he turned back to Vincent, to see his Master and old mentor just looking at him with almost a bemused expression on his face. "This guy nearly killed me! What the hell are you keeping him around for? What are you doing with him!?”

Vincent only shook his head, turning the conversation to the important issue. “Where is Elijah?”

Dom paused and looking at Viggo for a full second, he looked back at Vincent. “Vincent, I came home because I need to talk to dad. I mean it. I need to talk to him…it’s important.”

Vincent didn’t even blink and replied more firmly. “Where-- is-- Elijah?”

“Didn’t you hear me?” Dom replied, he tried to stand up but his legs were far too shaky and he returned to the couch. “I need to talk to dad.”

“And I won’t ask again….Where is Elijah?”

Dom felt his jaw’s clench and he glanced at Viggo and then sighed. “Australia…he had a lead to find Jason Richards. Sidney. Now. Where is my father so I can talk to him!”, Dom yelled angrily.

Vincent took a deep breath and nodded at Viggo, turning to face the other man, Dom watched as Viggo moved to the side of the room and brought back a small black box. Vincent opened it and produced a sharp needle and a small bottle with white liquid in it.

Dom swallowed and watched as he loaded the needle.

“Vincent, please…I need to talk to dad. Aunt Liz…I saw her and she said some things. I can’t really..”

Viggo came up behind him and placed him in a headlock. Vincent rose and started towards Dom. The needle was loaded and in his hand, ready.

“Vincent, please…Don’t do this.” Dominic tried to struggle but Viggo’s hold kept him in place.

Vincent grabbed Dom’s neck and prepared to insert the needle. Dom licked his lips, thinking fast.

“Aunt Liz said that my mom had an affair with some man named David. I have to talk to Dad. Please!”

Vincent was just about to push in the needle and paused before he lowered the needle. Vincent then looked down at Dom, his eyes narrowed in confusion as if in debate what he should do next.

“Release him.” Viggo looked on at his boss with uncertainty and then did as he ordered. “Wait outside.”

Viggo looked at the two of them and then with a shrug headed out the door.

Once the door was closed, Viggo moved back towards the desk and put the loaded needle back into the black box.

Facing Dominic, Vincent crossed his arms around his chest and shook his head.

“Start from the beginning? Was this in Hawaii?”

Dom didn’t look up, but nodded, and after a moment he started talking about his meeting with his Aunt Liz and the conversation they had. When he finished he added softly. “I left Elijah and the others and came here. I need to talk to dad and to know…I don’t want to believe it Vincent. But…”

Suddenly, Vincent was sitting next to Dominic. Although he did not touch him, Dominic could feel the protectiveness that Vincent once had over his pupil return.

“You were a fool to come back here. I have a job to do, Dominic.”

“I know that.”

“I have my orders to find Elijah Chevalier at any cost. Even if I have to go through you to do it. Your father will stop at nothing to get his hands on Elijah. You know this? When you turned sides did you think everything out so clearly?”

Dom met Vincent’s eyes. “I’m sorry. I didn't want to go against you Vincent. Or my dad. But, I love Elijah. I love him with all my heart…I couldn't betray him and deliver him like he was some kind of precious artifact. He is a human being! It's something that you might have chosen to forget, but that I can't!”

Vincent shrugged. “You know your father won’t hurt him. He would have kept to his deal with you and you would have both been together.”

Dom sighed and looked away. “In a cage. Even a cage made of gold is nothing but a prison, I couldn’t do that to him.”

“You know because of what you have done, Fletcher will not keep to his part of the deal now. He will do as he pleases with Elijah. Whatever deal you had is now void.”

Dom nodded slowly. “He’s pretty pissed huh?”

“That is an understatement.” When Dom met Vincent’s face he could see a small smile curled on his lips. Dom smiled slightly and then looked down at his hands and feet before rubbing his head with his fingers. He didn’t feel as sick as before but his head was still ringing.

“This wasn’t some minor transgression you committed. No broken window that you have to fix or…oh, Dominic. What am I going to do with you, boy? I told you from the start this wasn’t a game. This was for real!”

Sighing, Dominic didn’t dispute that fact. “I know that now. But my love for Elijah was, and still is, stronger than anything. I was a fool to have betrayed Elijah in the first place. I made so many mistakes…but joining him to help him stay free, was the right thing to do.”

Getting back to his feet, Vincent circled the room and then stopped and turned back to the young man to see deep sadness filling the boy's face. "Master Dominic?”

“Do you hate me, Vincent?”

Vincent was stunned by this question and then slowly he smiled. “Of course not. I don’t hate you, Dominic. I don’t hate Jericho or Elijah. But, I made a vow, and I have to keep my word, because my honor goes with it"

“He wants to be free, that’s all. To be able to do what he wants. Why can’t he?”

Vincent would not be baited. “You know why. Because he can still be killed by some fool or psychopath…because other greedy men will try and take him and they won’t be as kind or gentle as your father. Saxon for instance.”

“It’s not fair.” replied Dom.

“Life is seldom fair, Master Dominic. Listen; just tell me where Elijah is. I’ll go and get him myself and make sure he isn’t hurt. I’ll bring him here and we can talk to your father together and try and work something out.”

Dominic closed his eyes. “I can’t.”

“I will do whatever it takes to get to Elijah, even if I have to use drugs and even torture you to do it.”
Dominic reopened his eyes and looked at Vincent in shock. He wouldn’t. Would he?

"There are many ways to get out information from even the most unwillingly person, Master Dominic, and I am trained in every single one of them. I would use them all on you, if I have to, but I won't kill you because dead you wouldn't be able to tell me where Elijah Chevalier is. It's your choice to tell me now, or to know how to extract information from a prisoner, Master Dominic."

He slowly got to his feet; still a bit shaky Dominic stood in front of Vincent and held out his hands to him. “Call dad. Let me talk to him. Please. I just need to talk to him.”

Vincent sighed softly and seeing that Dom was still shaky from the drugs in his system Vincent pushed him back gently onto the couch and turning back towards the desk he went to the phone. He paused for a long moment and then started to dial a number.


“Your move, Ben.”

Steel Fletcher sat quietly in front of a table. A chess game was set up before him and sitting opposite him was Ben Richards. Ben Richards looked, for all purposes completely unharmed, and in good health. His clothes though were loose fitting were clean and wrinkle free. Ben also had no bruises or had received any injuries since his incarceration. None of that could be said for the guards who had been often beaten to a bloody pulp in his attempts to escape. Naturally all his escapes had proved fruitless in the end. Still even for all that, Ben had not been harmed. Fletcher’s orders. Ben’s feet however were currently chained to the floor and his left hand was chained to the arm of a chair. He did have one free hand, in which he currently held a drink, he put it down and then moved his pawn forward onto the board.

Fletcher seemed to preen in glee and moved his knight forward taking the pawn. Leaning back in his wheelchair, Fletcher seemed to also look in good health; in fact he looked younger than his 60 years of age. But then, that is the gift Ben’s Immortal blood in which he was receiving monthly dosages.

Ben of course was never harmed during the process, Ben allowed the procedures with the promise of that by doing this they would leave Elijah alone.

Fletcher was now reaping the benefits of the blood by not only surviving surgery but also looking young and strong again. His heart was as strong if not stronger than any 30 year old man's. The Immortal's blood however could not return the use of his legs, but he hadn’t felt this good in a long time. A very long time indeed.

He had placed Ben here on a secured and secret island. For his own safety of course, since Saxon had declared an all outright war upon his partner and for some absurd reason was trying to kill Ben and Jason Richards. Fletcher would not allow that to happen. Never. So, he had brought Ben here to be safe guarded as well as imprisoned. Not that it was all that bad; it was almost a resort in some ways. Ben had freedom to travel the entire island. There was nothing that Fletcher denied Ben, except of course his freedom.

“You are not concentrating, Ben. There, Check.”

Ben didn’t speak. He only looked at the board and then away towards the window. He sighed softly and then looked back at Fletcher.

“What is wrong now, Ben? Or do I need to ask? Restless? Perhaps a jog around the island might help?”

Ben gritted his teeth barely holding back his anger. He then lowered his eyes and shook his head. “Have you heard anything about Elijah? Is he okay?”

“I am certain the boy is perfectly fine. After all, he has such a wonderful group of friends now that will fight and protect him to the very end. Including my own son.”

Ben swallowed and tried again for what seemed the millionth time. “Please leave him alone. Let him go.”

Fletcher didn’t even laugh, though his eyes danced in amusement. He just shook his head. “No, Ben. He is not safe, so long as Saxon is on the loose. I need to get him and quickly. It is for his own good. You know this and I will not discuss it any further.”

“He’s just a child.”

“We have been over this, Ben. Enough, I won‘t discuss it anymore with you.” Pulling away from the table, Fletcher moved the wheelchair towards the door.

“Please, please, Fletcher, my son needs me. You promised!”

It was the small voice of desperation that made Fletcher stop. He had never heard Ben beg before. Never. Until now. For some reason it unsettled him.

“The men are treating you well, I hope? Any problems, just tell Stevens. He’ll take care of it.”


Fletcher almost made it out the door and finally stopped and turned back towards Ben. He was still seated in the chair, but his eyes were filled with tears.

“You’ve lost too much weight, Ben. You must eat more and you look tired. Try to get some rest, and I will be back to see you in a few weeks.”

“Fletcher!” Ben called but Fletcher had already left the room with a security guard closing the door behind him.


Looking at the guard, Fletcher nodded. “What was the name of that Security guard that prevented Ben from escaping in that boat yesterday?”

The guard smiled and nodded. “That was me, Sir. John Harlan.”

Fletcher didn’t even blink. “You're fired.”

The smiling guard dropped his grin and stared at his boss in shock. “What?”

“I saw the monitors and you used excessive force, more than was necessary. You had already drugged him and didn’t need to hit him. I will not have Ben Richards damaged in any way. So, you are fired! Take your pay check and GO!”

Without a glance, Fletcher was rolling down the hall where Doctor Stevens and another security guard was waiting.

As Fletcher rolled past him, Stevens and the guard followed after him.

“Lt Readman, I hope in the future the men you hire will have more self control.”

“Harlan can be over-zealous. I am sorry about that, Sir. It won’t happen again.”

“It better not, for your sake. I allow only one mistake; you make one more and your you're through. No exceptions. Ben Richards is priceless to me and I will not have him treated like he was some common piece of meat to be manhandled by a bunch of Military wannabe rejects.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Fletcher dismissed the man, and headed down another corridor that took him to two huge doors. A guard, seeing the men, opened the door and Fletcher arrived just outside the building and onto a porch that overlooked a bunch of rocks and a small sandy beach. In the distance he could see a boat slowly making its way towards a set of docks off to his left.

“Doctor Stevens.”

“Yes, Mr. Fletcher.”

“I want a full report on Ben’s condition.”

“He’s fine, Sir.”

“I won’t ask again, Doctor Stevens,” growled Fletcher.

Doctor Stevens nodded and, taking a step, forward gave his report.

“His health is fine, I have checked him over and though he has lost ten pounds since his incarceration, it is really nothing to be concerned about.”

“Ten pounds? Nothing to be concerned about? But, it does concern me, Doctor. Why is Ben not being fed?”

“He is! He just won’t eat. Not much anyway. I can force the issue but…we could cause more harm then good.”
“I see, and his mental state?”

“Sharp but--”


“He’s depressed.”

“Understandably in the circumstances. What can be done?”

“Not much, Sir, short of letting him go.” Steven’s laughed lightly, enjoying his little joke. Fletcher didn’t laugh and the Doctor stopped laughing. “Nothing really, Sir. Although once his son is brought to him I am certain he will do better.”

“Very well. Continue to monitor Ben and see to it that he is not harmed.”

“Yes, Sir.” Fletcher watched as the boat arrived at the docks and slowly made his way towards it.


He watched as the island slowly grew out of sight. They would arrive at the oil tank in an hour where a helicopter will be waiting to take him to his current hideaway. He hated hiding but for the moment with a bounty of his head, thanks to Saxon, he really didn’t have much choice.

Fletcher detested this game and wanted to end it. He wanted Saxon dead and he most certainly wanted his company back. There was no knowing what Saxon was doing to the Science Institute.

“Excuse me, Sir. Mr. Fletcher.”

Fletcher turned to see the captain standing before him, in his hands he held out a phone.

“You have a phone call.”


Vincent turned and handed Dominic the phone.


“Son.” Fletcher replied, but not in a loving way; it was said in a tone that had more than a touch of annoyance and barely suppressed anger.

“Please…I need to see you.”

“Really? And what for? Have you had a change of heart? Like your change of heart when you and I were suppose to have a deal?”

“Dad, don’t…Please I need to talk to you. For once, put away the hunter and business man and be a father. I need to talk to you. It’s about mom.”

Fletcher sighed and glanced out at the ocean. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “What about Anna?”

“I--I…Who is David?” Dominic asked softly.

Fletcher thought he had been kicked in the stomach and paled slightly. “What did you just say?”

“Who is David? Aunt Liz…I spoke to her and she said…I mean…Dad?” His voice was filled with pain and anguish, confusion. Fletcher could sense every forced word coming from his son‘s voice was in complete distress.

Fletcher lowered the phone and tilted his head forward. His hand touched his forehead and he shook his head as he thought out his next move. After a long moment, he swallowed and spoke.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

At once, Vincent hit the intercom overhearing this last bit and spoke into the speaker. “Do you think that is wise, Sir? I could bring the boy to you.”

Fletcher only set his jaw and hissed angrily in the phone. “I will be there as soon as I can to talk to my son. Do nothing else.”

He hung up the phone with a bang and turned to the Captain with new orders.


Vincent put down the phone and faced Dominic. “He shouldn't be coming here with Saxon putting out a bounty out on him. He must love you to come and risk himself."

At once, the pain and fear inside Dominic seemed to lessen somewhat and that brought Vincent some relief as well.

Before he could speak the sound of a crash was heard, followed by a lot of screaming and yelling out in the hall.

Both Dominic and Vincent headed out into the hallway to see Viggo helping up a man on the floor. Beside the man was an overturned tray of food and a slumped form of a beautiful young oriental woman.
Dominic ran over and looked down to see who the woman was.

“Her! She…Vincent. She tried to kill Elijah and Jericho! What is she doing here? Who is she? Did dad hire her?”

Vincent only shook his head and stared at Viggo for an explanation.

“Sorry. She got out of her cell and tried to escape.” Said Viggo.

Pulling the woman onto her back, Vincent gently pulled out the sleep dart in her shoulder and then took her into his arms as carefully as he could and slowly led her towards a staircase that led downstairs.
Dominic followed Vincent down the stairs and into another long but dark hallway. It led to a small doorway. Vincent kicked the door open and entered. Dominic followed in to see the room was more or less a real cell. The walls were all in concrete including the floor. No windows and one bunk bed, in which Vincent was placing her.

“Is this what Elijah can expect?” asked Dom, staring at horror at this very small room. Vincent turned to Dominic and for the first time Dom could see anger in his mentor’s eyes.

“It is only temporary. I will not have her stay here in this place but I cannot put her anywhere else. She would know how to escape and I can’t allow that.”

Grabbing Dominic’s arm he led him back out of the room, where Vincent closed the door to the room and locked it once more. A guard was waiting for them in the hallway.

“Don’t open that door again. Under any circumstances. I will see to her when she awakes myself. Come with me,” replied Vincent, once more grabbing Dominic’s arm and leading him back to the staircase.


Dominic sat back down on the couch and watched as Vincent made himself a drink. Viggo had followed them and plucked himself down in a chair where he held out a green apple and proceeded to take out a long knife
After Vincent downed a fine golden scotch, Dominic repeated his question. “Who is she? And why are you keeping her here?”

Vincent shrugged. “Because if I let her go, she will kill you, Jericho and your other friends to get her hands on Elijah and to deliver him to Saxon. I cannot and will not allow that. So she stays here where I can keep them and her safe.”

Dominic was truly confused now. “I don’t understand. Why? Why not just kill her and be done with it? Then she can’t harm anyone?”

Vincent gulped the last of the scotch and putting it down; he stared at Dominic and gave him the answer he sought.

“Because she is my daughter.”


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(no subject)

from: aprilkat
date: May. 11th, 2007 06:17 pm (UTC)

Wow, one great twist after another! I like the way that Shawn and Orli "meet" - and how Orli had dreamed it all. Also, Vincent's ruthlessness is hard to take allied with his real affection for Dom - very confusing.

And now Jade - which is not so shocking when thinking about Vincent's past...

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Summer aka Summershobbit

(no subject)

from: summershobbit
date: May. 11th, 2007 06:50 pm (UTC)

Vincent is not evil, he is truly in a rock and a hard place. He cares for Dominic dearly almost like a son that he never had. But, he has a job to do. He has his honor at stake and of course his alleigance with Fletcher. It will work out though. You shall see....yes...great many twists. Hugs! Just posted Part two.

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