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RTML chapter six: The Honeymoon The conclusion

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Jan. 16th, 2007 | 09:10 am
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posted by: summershobbit in frolijah_angst

and here is the conclusion.

Somehow missed this series, go here and you can catch up. (I will be posting this entire story shortly at this url. So if you wish to re-read the entire Honeymoon saga, do so at your pleasure.) Always, feedback is greatly appreciated.


Honeymoon (The conclusion)
Part of the Return to My love Series: Book 6
By Summer
Beta’d by Grapeofdeath and Kathryn Ramage
Class: Slash
Fandom: Lord of the rings
Pairings: Frodo/Sam
Warnings: Mpreg series and two orphan children as the result of an ORC attack. (Some Elvish deaths but no main characters)
Rating: NC17 (Yeah folks, heavy male on male…Hobbit sex coming)
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. Just playing, that’s all. No profit is made and when the story is done all goes back to the proper place in Tolkien‘s books.
Song; Don’t give up (By Josh Groban)
Writer’s note: This is the continuing love story of Frodo and Sam. Ten years later, Frodo returns from the Tol Erressea healed and with child. Three years have now passed since then. Frodo now has a son named Bilbo and is living with Sam near Ithilien where they live in a smial together with Rose and Sam‘s other children. Frodo and Sam have also adopted a baby named Belle. Merry and Pippin are also married and have children of their own having settled with them nearby.


“Gandalf, why have you returned? Not just because of... the children?” asked Frodo.

It was late, and the sounds of a night owl were heard in the distance. The fire crackled and Elrohir placed another log on the fire. Arander was asleep in Elladan's arms and for the past few minutes they were in debate whether to pick the child up and put him to bed or let him stay where he was, safe in their arms.

It was a warm night in Autumn, and again Frodo was struck by how strange of weather they were having.

Legolas was sitting by the window, his eyes drifting from time to time out the window and then back down to the small bundle he held in his arms. Gandalf stood by the hearth, drinking a small glass of wine and now, after a big feast to welcome the Wizard's return from the west, seemed to be in quiet reflection.

Frodo and Sam sat together at the table, their hands tightly wound together, staring at the wizard in joy and a little fearful. What had brought Gandalf's return? Was some great evil stirring?

“Gandalf?” Frodo prodded softly.

Coming out of his thoughts, Gandalf smiled. “No, not just for these two small ones. Although their suffering has been felt clearly by those that sent me. They are where they belong. In the keep of those that will truly shower them with love.”

Legolas paused to glance at Gandalf questioningly. Gandalf smiled at the elf. “You have braved Trolls, Orcs, a Balrog and yes, Sauron himself. Tell me not, fair prince, you fear the joys of parenthood? Surely this, is not such a... frightening task?”

Legolas smiled and shook his head. “I just don't know... will I be enough? What will Gimli say? And where and how shall I raise her?”

Gandalf chuckled at the elf and, moving to Legolas side, looked down at the sleeping baby and then back at Legolas. “When has the worry of what a dwarf thinks or says ever stopped you from doing what you wanted? I think you have nothing to fear in either case. I believe in time you will find Gimli sharing your burden with joy and great expectation. As for where? What a thought indeed. Why not where she was going to be raised in the first place. Ithilien. As for that first question... I believe the more important question should be will how to keep Linwe from being turned into a very spoiled elf child? Fear not, Legolas, my old friend. You are going to make a wonderful... parent.” Gandalf chuckled and walked away, ignoring Legolas’s slightly raised eyebrow which slowly lowered and a small smile came to his lips.

Gandalf glanced at the sleeping elf boy and smiled at the twins. “Your father sends his blessings. He has seen what you are facing and rejoices at your turn at fatherhood. He also bade me to tell you that he hopes that this small one will be ever as... energetic as you two were for him.” The twins paused and wondered if their father meant that as a good thing... or a dreaded curse.

Gandalf chuckled when he saw their faces and continued. “All that you need is here and he is certain whatever comes your way, you will handle it as you have handled all things. With great efficiency and bravery. Your mother also sends you her love and greetings and news. By the grace of the Valar your parents have been gifted a child of their own. A new sister to ease the loss of Arwen. She is called Miriel. And she has brought them much joy.”

The Twins each looked to each other, unsurpassed happiness filled their eyes.

“They bid you to raise Arander as your own and when or if ever a time you decide to come into the West, they will be waiting in joy for you both as well as there newest grandchild.”

Frodo rose from his chair and moved to Gandalf's side. His hand reached out and Gandalf took the small hand into his own. “I still can't believe you are really here. I just can't. And no matter how long or short... I am so happy. Aragorn will be so... so thrilled too. I can't wait to see his face.”

Gandalf looked down upon Frodo and smiled. “My dearest Frodo, I wish I could say that all my time will be spent on this visit with you and your new found family. But I am afraid that I do have some work to do. However, I promise to spend at least some of it with those I hold dear to my heart.”

Wiping at his eyes, Frodo nodded at Gandalf and then returned to himself. “So ah, again, why are you here?”

Gandalf couldn't help laughing slightly and then taking a seat at the table, he nodded at the group of friends. “As you well know, there are still traces of Sauron's allies here in Middle-Earth. Or rather a small gathering of Orcs, and yes, even some other darker forces. The Valar has looked into the future and sees much evil ahead. They have decided that something must me done to put a stop to it. Once and for all. That is why I have returned. To put out the last smoldering evil of Sauron. A task, I am certain, I am more than up to handling and shouldn't take more than...” He paused to see the fear in Frodo's eyes already dreading that his visit would be all too brief and doubtless the painful goodbye already approaching. “A few years, perhaps a decade or two?”

The fear vanished and joy filled Frodo's eyes. Sam offered Gandalf some grapes; Gandalf took them and winked at Sam.

“When you return to Minas Tirith, I will be joining you, that is if you don't mind the company of an old man?” Frodo and Sam both grinned widely. “I didn't think so,” chuckled Gandalf.

Minutes later, the two hobbits appeared to be following the path of the children and were having a hard time stifling yawns and droopy eyes.

“Off with you now. I shall be here when you awake and longer. You may yet tire of my company.”

Frodo only shook his head and gave Gandalf a final hug before taking Sam's hand and heading out into the hall and towards their waiting chambers. Once the two hobbits bade Gandalf goodnight, the wizard made certain the hobbits were well down the hall and out of hearing distance before speaking.

“I have come also to make certain no harm comes to the Ringbearer,” Gandalf replied softly and with more than a bit of concern in his voice. Both the twins and Legolas now faced Gandalf, with dread filled eyes.

“I knew there was more to your coming,” spoke Legolas softly. “What is it?”

“Two great evils are rising. And they must be stopped at all costs, my friends. One is a dark creature that has awoken in the Far East. An evil helped to be brought about, thanks to those who still desire to overthrow Aragorn and Gondor. I also sense a great evil approaching from the North.. This being will come seeking only one thing... to get their hands on the Ringbearer. I shall say no more of this. I will discuss it further only with Aragorn. Frodo and Sam must not know any of this. Not yet at any rate. When the time comes, I will tell all. For now, much like those dear babes you hold in your arms, it is time to rest.”

With that, Gandalf got to his feet and walked out of the room.


Legolas placed Linwe into her crib and stared down at the small sleeping baby. His eyes were filled with love and joy. He was a father now, it was slowly sinking in and all Legolas wanted to do was rejoice in song. He closed his eyes and began to sing.

--- Don't give up It's just the weight of the world When your heart's heavy I Iwill lift it for you ---

The twins placed Arander gently into his bed and paused to look down at him. The boy had folded his hands together under his head and had a small smile on his face. It seemed the pain and grief, though would always remain, had lessened now that he was going to be staying with those that would truly love him. The Twins also knew there life was about to change. No more would they be thinking only of themselves. They had another life to consider. A being that would need them for many years to come. The Warriors they were, they would always be, but now they would be more careful and more hesitant to go into battle. And though tomorrow seemed uncertain, the Twin sons of Elrond now had something to look forward to.

--- Don't give up Because you want to be heard If silence keeps you I will break it for you ---

The Owl sat on the tree branch and could see a warm light within the last homely house. Although many of its people had left it, the home still remained alive and full of energy. A place of sanctuary and love. The Owl hooted once more and then took off to look for her supper.

--- Everybody wants to be understood. Well, I can hear you. Everybody wants to be loved Don't give up Because you are loved ---

Sam held Frodo tightly in his arms and with a contented smile drifted off into a peaceful sleep. In his dreams, he was home in his garden, the children were playing. Belle was in her crib sleeping, and Frodo-- Frodo was sitting on the bench smoking his pipe and staring at his beloved with true happiness.

--- Don't give up It's just the hurt that you hide When you're lost inside I'll be there to find you ---

Gandalf entered the room softly, carefully so as not to waken the small ones. The light of the moon drifted on the bed, showing two small sleeping beings. The dark chestnut curls rested on a silk pillow, his body held in strong arms. A smile was on Frodo's lips and Gandalf could almost see that which brought Frodo to so much joy.

--- Don't give up Because you want to burn bright. If darkness blinds you I will shine to guide you. Everybody wants to be understood. Well, I can hear you ---

He was surrounded by light and love. His parents, Uncle Bilbo, Sam, his cousins, the Fellowship and most of all the children, his beloved children. They were with him and around him and all was wonderful and beautiful. He would never be alone again. Frodo sighed happily in his sleep. He was whole again, healed and loved.

--- Everybody wants to be loved Don't give up because you are loved (you are loved) ---

Gandalf looked out the window and stared up at the moon. A dark shadow past the bright light. An eagle circled once and then flew away. He turned back to Frodo and Sam and frowned in concern. No matter what he would guard over them this time and no Balrog would keep him from his appointed task.

Whatever came to pass.

When morning arose and after a leisure and more than adequate breakfast, Frodo and Sam with Legolas and his newly adopted daughter and Gandalf taking the lead started the journey for home.

---Don't give up (don't give up) It's just the weight of the world (you are loved) Don't give up (don't give up) Everyone needs to be heard (don't give up) You are loved (you are loved) ---

THE END (For now.)

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(no subject)

from: mews1945
date: Jan. 16th, 2007 04:07 pm (UTC)

A very warm and fitting conclusion to the story, with hints of trouble to come, but leaving our hobbits in a pleasant place, with love surrounding them. Good job.

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Summer aka Summershobbit

(no subject)

from: summershobbit
date: Jan. 16th, 2007 04:59 pm (UTC)

Thank you! Everyone's kind and lovely words really spurs me on to write more in this universe. I have in fact a plan to write at least two to three more stories. Of course, I am sure I will write even more than that, but for now only two storylines are in my thoughts. But, yes more adventures are coming. And lots more angst, danger, babies, and of course love too!

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(no subject)

from: frolijah_fan_54
date: Feb. 16th, 2007 03:30 pm (UTC)

I am new to LJ so haven't been able to comment before - just wanted to say hello and tell you how much I have enjoyed this whole series. I print my favorite fics so I can read them again and again when I get down or need a Frodo fix and yours is one of the ones I have printed and read several times!! Thanks for the enjoyment you have given me. I hope there will be a next chapter!!

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Summer aka Summershobbit

(no subject)

from: summershobbit
date: Feb. 18th, 2007 07:58 pm (UTC)

Thank you! I am working on two more chapters to this series. But, of course I intend to write many more. and with lovely feedback as this, it certainly spurs me to get back to my writing asap! LOL. Again, thank you!

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