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Return To My Love: The Honeymoon Part Three/Four

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Jan. 15th, 2007 | 08:07 am
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posted by: summershobbit in frolijah_angst

And here is the next part. Feedback...yes please!

Ooops, somehow you missed the entire series? Don't panic, just follow this link and it will take you the first five Chapters.

Missed the first two parts. Again don't panic. Just hint these links.
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Now on with the story.

Honeymoon Part three
Part of the Return to My love Series: Book 6
By Summer
Beta’d by Grapeofdeath and Kathryn Ramage
Class: Slash
Fandom: Lord of the rings
Pairings: Frodo/Sam
Warnings: Mpreg series and two orphan children as the result of an ORC attack. (Some Elvish deaths but no main characters)
Rating: NC17 (Yeah folks, heavy male on male…Hobbit sex coming)
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. Just playing, that’s all. No profit is made and when the story is done all goes back to the proper place in Tolkien‘s books.
Song; Don’t give up (By Josh Groban)
Writer’s note: This is the continuing love story of Frodo and Sam. Ten years later, Frodo returns from the Tol Erressea healed and with child. Three years have now passed since then. Frodo now has a son named Bilbo and is living with Sam near Ithilien where they live in a smial together with Rose and Sam‘s other children. Frodo and Sam have also adopted a baby named Belle. Merry and Pippin are also married and have children of their own having settled with them nearby.


The following weeks passed by quickly. Though Frodo and Sam made it a habit to check in on Legolas and the Twins on how they were doing, barring a few accidents, they seemed to be adjusting pretty well with the two additions in Rivendell.

The boy had given them some information, but not much. He would only say he was six years old and that his name was Arander. The name was enough, and the Twins held hope that some of his kin would still be alive and would come for him. As the third week neared, Frodo and Sam continued their honeymoon with little interruption of the added presence in Imladris. Though, when Arander and the baby were brought out to the courtyard, Frodo seemed to have an itch to hold them.

When Frodo and Sam would be taking a walk or a picnic, they would often find the young boy playing with the Son‘s of Elrond. It was always a joy to them whenever the Twins managed to get the boy to smile or laugh. And if Frodo and Sam took a long look at the Twins, they could see the Son's of Elrond appeared to have a small twinkle in their eyes. It was apparent that they were growing attached to the children. Especially to Arander.

It was one night later that Frodo was sitting and reading in his chair, while Sam took a hot bath, that a soft knock came at his door. “Enter,” he replied in Sindarin and saw the door open slowly and heard the little patter of feet entering the room.

Frodo smiled when he saw Arander staring up at him with a hesitant and fearful gaze. The Twins had probably made it a point to explain who Frodo was and though Frodo understood the necessity to tell the famous story of the One Ring, Frodo still at times did not see himself as the hero so many believed him to be. Barring that, the hero worship in other's eyes often left Frodo feeling shy and unsure of what to say. That feeling had gradually lessoned but not altogether disappeared.

Frodo put down the book and moved to one side of the chair. The boy hesitated a moment longer before climbing up and taking the now open area beside Frodo. For a long time, the elf child kicked his feet and stared off at the fire. The elf child seemed to be in deep thought, as if trying to put together the words he so desperately wanted to say. After what seemed like a long time, the boy's hand moved suddenly, reaching for Frodo's hand, the one with nine fingers. The boy's hand and fingertips gently touched Frodo's and very carefully stroked the spot where his finger had been bitten off.

“Does it hurt?” the child asked out of the blue.

Frodo smiled and shook his head. “No. Not anymore.”

“Mama told me the story of the Ringbearers, of the one who had nine fingers and went across the sea. Are you he? Frodo Baggins?”

Frodo nodded softly. “Yes.”

The child now faced Frodo and shook his head. “You were so brave. I wish I could have been as brave but... I just hid in the tree. I am a coward... I should have died with my mama.”

Seeing the tears in the small boy's eyes, Frodo slid his arm around his shoulders and pulled the boy into his lap where he could hold and rock him gently. When he was sure the boy had calmed a little, he spoke softly and as clearly as he could in Sindarin.

“Brave? No, not I. I was not so brave. Resolved and determined, but not brave. No, it was my Sam that was my rock... my brave hero, who kept me not only sane but also safe. It was he that took away the darkness and reminded me that I was not alone. You were very brave, Arander. You stayed and protected that little baby and did as your mother told you. There was nothing more you could do. If you had not hidden you too would be... gone.”

“I wish I had,” he replied softly.

“I am glad you did not,” Frodo replied back.

The boy's head turned and stared up at Frodo in surprise. 'How could such a great being, think so highly of me? I am just a child...' thought Arander.

“Every life is special to me and a child's life even more precious than all the jewels of the earth. My heart would have broken if you and your dear little friend had perished. I am not sure I could have dealt with it. I sacrificed so much and to come back and find that... that great evil still lurks in Middle-Earth and taking the lives of those I had saved... tears at my soul.”

The elf child's mouth slightly opened in surprise and then he leaned against Frodo's chest and sighed. “I miss my mama—papa... How can I go on without them?”

“You take one day at a time, my dear little one. One day. And every day, it gets just a little bit better and a little bit easier. You will never forget them... and you will never stop grieving for them. But you will go on. Because they... your parents would have wanted that. Not just to go on living but to be happy and loved. Cherished. And they will never be far away... always they will be right here. In your heart. Someday, someone will come along in your life that will fill some of that loneliness and though it won't fill up all the holes and darkness it will be enough. It will be.”

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

The little boy gave Frodo a small peck on the cheek and, with a small but still sad smile on his face, he headed out the door where Elrohir and Elladan already stood ready to comfort him. He stared at them for a moment and then fell into their arms and wept. Elrohir and Elladan held onto him tight as if they would never let him go. A few moments later they closed the door and took the young child back to his room.

Frodo wiped at his eye and then saw a white cloth being dangled in front of him. Frodo smiled up at Sam, took the hanky and pulled Samwise into his arms and kissed him softly on the lips. When they came up for air, Sam stroked Frodo's cheek. “I love you , my dear.”

“I love you, Samwise Gamgee.”

A split second later, Sam made sure the door was closed and locked before he pulled Frodo towards the bed and into his arms.


A rider entered the courtyard just as Frodo and Sam were entering the garden. Holding hands, they watched as the mysterious rider was met by Legolas and the Twins. He handed them a small scroll and then, after a brief discussion, he turned and got back onto his horse and rode away.

Curious, Frodo and Sam followed their friends into Elrond's study. There Legolas and the Twins read the scroll. When they had each read it, Frodo spoke, unable to contain himself any longer.

“Well? What does it say?” Frodo asked.

Legolas looked at Frodo and sadly sat down in an empty chair. “The boy, Arander, has kin still in Mirkwood forest. An Uncle and a few cousins. They will be coming within the month to claim him. Although, it was the wish of Arander's parents to remain in Middle-Earth, his remaining kin have decided to sail west. They intend to take him with them. As for the baby, her name is Inwe Linwelin. Her parents were all that she had left. All other kin have already sailed. My father is undecided what is to become of her. He believes that she too should be taken into the West and have what kin she has there take responsibility for her.”

There then, it was decided. Frodo and Sam stared at each other and then at Legolas who now rose to his feet and walked out of the room. His head bowed. The Elrohir and Elladan remained in the room staring silently out the window.

Outside, Arander could be seen jumping and playing in the eastern garden. He was holding a bunny rabbit in his arms, given to him as a present by Elrohir the day before and was feeding the bunny a small carrot. Feeling eyes upon him, he looked up at the Son’s of Elrond and smiled at them. The Twins forced a smile to there lips. Then they turned away.

Frodo saw two streaks of tears fall from each of the Elves eyes. It was apparent that they were going to miss the elf child. In a matter of a few short weeks the boy had done more then become a responsibility for them, but someone they had come to love and cherish. They had found something to fill a gap in their hearts, something they hadn't realized they had been missing in their lives-- until now.


Frodo found Legolas in the children's room. He was in the rocking chair and in his arms, held ever so close to his heart, was the baby. His eyes were closed and he was singing. The melody was soft and held a hint of deep sadness within the words. It appeared that Legolas was also having some difficulty in dealing with the fact that the baby he had taken care of these past few weeks would soon be gone.

The attachment seemed to be returned, for the baby seemed happiest when she was in Legolas’s arms. Before Frodo turned and closed the door, he watched as a single tear fell and rolled down Legolas's cheek.


“No! No, I won't go. I won't!” The small child was told later that day where his destiny now lay and the results was not ones that anyone expected.

The boy had run off, crying, and disappeared into the garden.

It was Frodo who found Arander, hiding behind a statue of Elrond and his beloved wife Celebrian. A monument created to remind all others, especially visitors, that she and her husband once dwelled here and this was the Last homely house--this was sanctuary.

Frodo didn't say a word; he only took out his small hanky and handed it to the crying child. Arander took it and sniffled at Frodo. His heart was obviously quite torn. After a brief time, the boy handed the hanky back to Frodo who placed it back into his pocket.

Silence followed and, for a moment, Frodo thought the boy had drifted off to sleep but then his head rose and he stared sadly at Frodo. “They will take me in, not out of love, but because of responsibility. I don't want to go with them. I don't want to go to another land I have never seen. I want my mama and papa. Please don't let them take me. My Uncle doesn‘t even like me.”

Frodo took a seat beside the young elf child and held out his arms. Not even a second later, the boy was leaning against Frodo, who gently stroked his hair. What could he say? What could he do to help this poor child?

And then the idea came to him. Frodo softly, began to tell Arander of the life of a young happy boy, who loved his parents very much and that one day... while the little boy was sleeping, his parents had decided to go for a midnight boat ride.

When Frodo finished his story, the elf child was staring into Frodo's face with an expression of horror and yet also, a sense of kinship. That finally one person understood his pain.

“I loved my Uncle Sara and Aunt Esme. They were kind and so very loving. They did their best to take care of me. But as a child I could only think of my own woes and pain. I felt alone and isolated. Although I cared for them in return, I wanted my parents back. That could never be. Then... then one day... my Uncle... Well, a cousin really but... Well, I always called him Uncle... Bilbo, he decided that he needed an heir. And of all the boys in Brandy Hall... he chose me. Like you, I was scared at first and afraid. I did not know what he expected from me. Nor did I know what to expect from myself. It took time of course, leaving Brandy Hall and living in Bag End. Eventually, it became home to me and I came to realize that Bilbo took me in not just because he needed an heir, but because he was lonely too. And that he loved me very much and wanted to take care of me. You will see, all will turn out. I am certain, you just misunderstood your Uncle. I am sure he loves you very much.”

But the boy only shook his head. “My Uncle doesn't like nobody. He hates everyone. He even argued with my ada all the time about leaving for the West. No, no, Frodo I don't want to go! Please, don't let him take me.”

As the small elf child continued to cry, Frodo looked up to see the Twins looking down upon them, their eyes filled with anguish. When the small elf child looked up and saw them, instead of running off again, he ran into their arms and wept so hard, Frodo was sure even the Valar mourned the child's loss.


They had one day left before the return journey home, and Frodo felt conflicted. He longed for the children, but Frodo felt as if something was not quite finished. As if he had to finish something, and he wasn't exactly sure what.

Sam had already started packing and looked ready and happy to be returning home. In all, the secluded honeymoon trip, had been a huge success and now, he hungered for his garden and most of all the love of his children. Home was calling.

Walking to the window, Frodo looked outside and could feel a warm breeze upon his face. The air was still too warm. This was certainly very odd weather.

Hearing the sound of horses, Frodo saw a small party of Elves making their way up the long hill towards Elrond's homely house. So Arander's Uncle had arrived. Frodo watched them come closer and took a long searching look at the Elf. He was tall and slender like most of his kind and his hair was a match to Legolas, however, his eyes were dark and... cold. Was Frodo imagining it? He did not sense evil from this Elf, but Frodo could feel a detachment coming from this creature. As if... he was fulfilling a trying duty he had to perform.

Was Arander right about his Uncle? Or was he, Frodo Baggins, trying to come up with some absurd excuse to fight for the child? Somewhere in the back of his mind a long forgotten memory surfaced.

A small child of twelve stood in front of a grave and a large woman stood behind him with two others.

“Fine, I suppose it now all comes down to me. Very well, I will take the little brat in. I’ll make certain the boy is provided with food and a roof over his head. Though, he will have to work to make up the amount of money I’ll have to dish out for his care. It really is an inconvenience, however, I suppose one should take some responsibility where as Prim dear never did. Really, such reckless behavior coming from a Primula, going out into the lake in the middle of the night with Drogo? Drogo, who could not even swim.”

The small child, did not turn around to look at who had spoken. He knew who had and allowed the tears to fall bitterly down his cheeks. Aunt Lobelia would take him away to live in some strange place, with Lotho. At that moment, Frodo wished he had died with his parents.

“I am sure my Lotho will be able to teach the boy real manners, I mean really! Crying right in the middle of the service? And not eating anything for the past three days and all that wasted food. As if it is some big catastrophe? Does the boy have no manners at all?”

Pulled back to the present, Frodo remembered with a smile, how Aunt Esmeralda had stepped forward then and snatched him into her arms and shot Saradoc a harsh look of pure rage. Aunt Esme knew that Lobelia would treat the child as if he was a servant and would doubtlessly make the boy’s life a misery, with Lotho tormenting and bullying him as he always had. Frodo never forget his beloved Aunt’s next words.

“Enough! I will rot first before I allow the likes of you, Lobelia, to take this child into your so called tender-care! I will take full responsibility for Frodo. Not because I have to, for love! A child needs more than just food and a roof over his head. They need love above all else, something of which you could never provide. As for your generosity, I do indeed laugh. You wouldn't know generosity if it turned and bit you in the -- behind! I care not for the law and what is decreed. I shall not let you have Frodo! He is mine!”

And then Saradoc had finally spoken and his voice seemed filled with a bit of smugness and delight to finally best over Lobelia for once.

“Then it is decided. We will become his guardians.”

And with Frodo held lovingly in Aunt Esme's arms, he was led away to Brandy Hall, where Lobelia's detested and annoyed expression was clearly seen from many feet away. Frodo never forgot how tightly he had clung to his Aunt and Uncle that day. He only wished he had told them how relieved and thankful he was to them that he would never be JUST a responsibility to them. Nor, the relief, in not winding up in the care of the dreadful Sackville-Bagginses.

Perhaps, this time, he could do something.

“Sam, I'll be right back.”

Sam watched Frodo go and paused only for a moment before setting everything down and followed after him.


Frodo arrived at the courtyard to see the Twins and Legolas were speaking to the arrivals. Arander was present but was hiding behind Elrohir, with his face firmly hidden against his leg.

The baby, Linwe, was in Legolas arms. Moving forward, Frodo caught the words exchanged by the Uncle and the Twins and found himself shocked to the core at the coldness and indifference that was in that voice.

“I have come far to collect that which I have no desire to take. I hope, that you Arander will appreciate what I am doing? Such a responsibility thrust upon me because of your foolish parents.”

Frodo had gasped and could see the clear surprise also held in Legolas and the Twin’s eyes. Even Lindir, who was standing by the garden, had overheard and was genuinely surprised and shocked by these words. If only Lord Elrond was still here, he would have surely said something inspirational to put this hard and cold Elf in his place.

“And I suppose, I am to be further inconvenienced with this small babe? Alas, that is why I am here, let us not waste anymore time. Let us begone. I wish to be at the Haven's before the first snow.”

The boy had begun to wail as his Uncle took the boy's hand. It was not a tender touch and the Uncle's eyes seemed to become colder. “Enough with tears. They are gone, and it is time to move on. You are now my responsibility and I will provide you with a home with me.”

Could the words of Aunt Lobelia ring more loudly in his ears! Frodo felt the rage boil over and he ran forward grabbing the child from the Uncle's arms and handed the grief stricken child back to the Twins.

“What is the meaning of this?” Frodo roared and it was almost laughable for the Twins and Legolas to see Frodo, such a small hobbit, stare up at the tall Elf with much contempt in his eyes, as if he was chiding a child instead of an adult.

“How dare you! These children are not a responsibility nor an inconvenience. They are your kin and should be treated with higher regard then you seem able to give. They survived horrors that no child should ever have to contend with. Who do you think you are to speak to them in this way? Children need more than a roof over their heads and food in their mouths! They need love above all else, and if you cannot provide them with that then you are not FIT to take them! You should be ashamed. Your brother and his wife died to keep their son and this baby alive... And you hold them in contempt for it, because it dragged you all the way from Mirkwood forest? For delaying your time to leave Middle-Earth as if it was some junkyard to be thrown aside now that it is of no longer any use? I hold you in contempt!”

Frodo's finger raised and pointed at the Elf, his face contorted in barely suppressed rage. “And who said you should be fit to be their guardian? Who made this decree that you should take up this responsibility? Even strangers show more affection to them then you have in the whole five minutes of your arrival? You don't want them, then be done with it. Why did you come at all? So you can make them feel for the rest of their lives that they owe you? Owe your generosity in taking them in? Rubbish! Off with you then! Go to the Havens and into the West. But without them with you. They will stay here where they can be truly loved and cared for. Elrohir and Elladan will take care of Arander and Legolas shall have Linwe. They will show these children real love and generosity of which you have none to give.”

The Elf's back straightened, and the Twins and Legolas both saw the suppressed anger that was coming from this being. Legolas moved quickly to Frodo’s side to offer what support he could.

He had been insulted by this imp? Whatever it was, he was not going to allow it. “Who do you think you are, that you speak of me thus? What insignificant creature are you to judge me? I have lived since the first age and have knowledge that surpasses many! You who cannot even be in his early stages of adulthood? You who dictate that which is none of your business?”

It was Legolas that spoke out. “This is no mere creature. This is a Hobbit, Frodo Baggins. The Ringbearer. And he has more knowledge and wisdom in his short years than you have in all your long ones. He has the highest regard and love by the Elders. Including my Father and Lord Elrond. As well as the King of Gondor and all the free people‘s of Middle-Earth. So, I would watch thy tongue if I was you.”

The Uncle now looked at Legolas and was about to speak when suddenly a large shadow seemed to appear from above them.

Frodo looked up and gasped as the sight of a large eagle flying above and slowly started to make its way downwards towards them. Sam ran to his beloved and took Frodo protectively in his arms. The giant eagle circled only once more, before finding a place on a high boulder near the waterfalls.

They were astounded it was one of the Great Eagles. In fact Gwaihir himself.

Frodo watched as a single shadowed figure leaped to the ground and made its way slowly towards them. The figure was rather tall, and his hair was white. He had a beard and wore white robes and a gray cloak.

Frodo, Sam and Legolas smiled in joy to see the familiar form. Even the Son’s of Elrond looked at each other in delighted surprise. This was most unexpected.

The strange elf looked at the approaching stranger and though he had not met this being formally, he did know who was approaching. It was Frodo who spoke first. “Gandalf!”

The white wizard strode with pride and purpose towards the elves. The eyes did briefly glance at the two Hobbits and a twinkle was clearly seen in his eyes.

“Olorin!” The elf bowed his head but it was clear that even with an Istari he showed little respect.

“Tremaliha. I remember you well. Even throughout the centuries you cared for nothing but yourself and your own offspring. You are quite the stain to King Thranduil and an insult to many of the Wise and Great Elves.”

The wizard briefly glanced at two other Elves that had remained by their horses. They matched their father in looks and personality and cold eyes.

“I have come to full fill my duty. I will take the children.”

The wizard only shook his head and smiled. “And that duty has been taken from you, by the powers that sent me. They will not go into the West, not by you. Not now at this time. You may now go.”

Tremaliha waited for a moment and seemed about to argue, when Gandalf took a step towards him.

“Frodo Baggins is quite correct. Children need to be loved, not treated as if they are a burden to be used and discarded at your every whim. I say again, you may leave now. And may you someday realize truly what you have lost.”

The Elf paused only a moment but not before flashing an angry look at the Hobbits. Then he was on his horse and with his two sons headed away. Once they were gone, a joyful cry rang out. The Twins grabbed Arander and twirled him in their arms, each kissing the boy‘s cheek in their happiness. Legolas clung to Linwe and kissed her on the forehead, his eyes flashing with unsurpassed joy. As for Frodo and Sam, they raced to Gandalf's side and hugged the wizard tightly.

“Gandalf! Gandalf!” They cried. Frodo almost danced in a circle, waving his arms all around him in glee, before throwing himself back into the Wizards arms.

After a brief time, the wizard detached himself gently from the overjoyed Hobbits and grinned at everyone around him.

“You have come back? To stay?” asked Sam, his brown eyes positively filled with joy.

Gandalf stared at the once humble and shy Gardener of Bag End and smiled at the great Hobbit, Samwise, had become.

“Visit. I have been sent to perform an errand or two and I will stay until it is completed...”

Frodo could not keep the smile off his lips. “Gandalf! I am so happy you have come. I missed you. I missed you terribly!”

Gandalf laughed and opened his arms, and Frodo once again was hugging his beloved wizard and friend.

“And I you, my dearest of all Hobbits. And I you!”

No one noticed the giant Eagle span out his wings and return to the skies. They were far too busy rejoicing the return of the missing piece of the Fellowship. Gandalf was back.


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from: mews1945
date: Jan. 15th, 2007 02:30 pm (UTC)

I'm glad the children will be staying with the twins and Legolas. and Galdalf is back!

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Summer aka Summershobbit

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from: summershobbit
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Thank you. Yes, The Twins and Legolas both needed to take in those little ones. I think they really need some little ones of there own to keep them busy! and keep life interesting as well. I have been wanting to get Legolas to be a daddy since The Unwanted. Legolas peering at baby Belle. Ah, and yes I have been missing Gandalf and just had to bring him back for a few tales.

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