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RTML Chapter Six: The Honeymoon Part two/Four (Completed)

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Jan. 13th, 2007 | 09:03 am
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posted by: summershobbit in frolijah_angst

I hope this next chapter will delight you.

Part of the Return to My love Series: Book 6 Part two
By Summer
Beta’d by Grapeofdeath and Kathryn Ramage
Class: Slash
Fandom: Lord of the rings
Pairings: Frodo/Sam
Warnings: Mpreg series and two orphan children as the result of an ORC attack. (Some Elvish deaths but no main characters)
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. Just playing, that’s all. No profit is made and when the story is done all goes back to the proper place in Tolkien‘s books.
Song; Don’t give up (By Josh Groban)
Writer’s note: This is the continuing love story of Frodo and Sam. Ten years later, Frodo returns from the Tol Erressea healed and with child. Three years have now passed since then. Frodo now has a son named Bilbo and is living with Sam near Ithilien where they live in a smial together with Rose and Sam‘s other children. Frodo and Sam have also adopted a baby named Belle. Merry and Pippin are also married and have children of their own having settled with them nearby.

(Agh, somehow missed part one...don't panic, just follow this link)

Now on with the story.


The picnic had been delightful, the food delicious, filling up every corner. Well, almost every corner. Frodo felt the friction and warmth deep inside of his body and moaned in true delight, the sensations completely overriding his thoughts. All he could do was just hold on, as Sam pumped in a slow, yet continuous motion.

“Sam, harder... faster.”

Sam was quick to obey, knowing that Frodo needed that added movement to bring him closer to the edge. Frodo could feel that small tingling sensation beginning in his lower region and knew it wouldn't be much longer. He gasped and called Sam's name just as the waves came suddenly crashing over him.

Sam was not far behind, as always, he remained faithfully close to his Master and now lover. When they had finally been able to move, Sam found himself lying on the blanket with Frodo in his arms. Both were staring at the sky and basking in the sun. It was an incredibly and unusual warm day today for Autumn. Not that Samwise Gamgee was complaining. Still, it was a bit odd.

“Do you ever miss it?”

Frodo opened his eyes lightly, he had been drifting off into a very satisfied sleep, until Sam had spoken.

“What Sam?”, asked Frodo as his fingers ran gently down Sam’s thigh.

“Do you ever miss it? Tol Eressea?” Sam, had often wondered if Frodo ever, even just a little, missed the land he had called home for nearly ten years. It had bothered him, that any piece of Frodo's heart did not belong to him. The fair elven land, had taken care of his beloved and healed him, when no one else could have. Not even him.

Sam felt the gentle fingers play over his left thigh and felt a warmth building inside. How was it that even after making sweet love to Frodo, he still could be aroused by just a simple touch, a look?

Frodo smiled, as if reading this thoughts, and shook his head. “No, Sam. I do not miss it. It is here still in my heart, I won't lie, for the land of Tol Eressea was beautiful and tranquil. It filled my soul and healed many of my wounds. But, I was also very lonely. I had Gandalf, Elrond and Galadriel, as well as Bilbo. But it did not have the one person in all the land I wanted most to be with me. All the time I was there, I thought only of you. Missing you. Wanting you.” Frodo reached over and gave Sam a gentle kiss on the lips and continued to play his fingers over Sam’s flesh, moving ever slowly downward. Reaching. Seeking. Finding.

“Always out of my reach. Even the peace in time was not enough to sustain me. Gandalf could see it, and did all that he could, bless him. But, it was you who I needed to complete the last of my healing. I think Eru knew that and that was why he allowed me to return. No, dear Sam, I do not miss Tol Eressea. I have now everything I could possibly want and more. I am truly content.”

Sam smiled, his fears easing away and then finally he nodded as his own hands sought out Frodo‘s chest and gentle stroked his lover, until Frodo‘s body began to warm under his administrations. It was only fair, after all, that as Sam‘s body was beginning to respond that Frodo’s body did as well.

“I miss Gandalf too.”

Frodo nodded and touched Sam's cheek and met his brown eyes with his blue ones. “My only regret, is that he stayed behind. Yes, I do miss Gandalf. He was--my family Sam.”

Sam nodded and kissed Frodo's lips gently before going for other territory, like Frodo's throat.

“Do you know, there was a time I truly thought that you and he...” He stopped, and started to laugh at the absurd thought he used to believe might be true. Frodo blinked and realizing the implications, started to laugh. His arms moved around Sam’s neck and Frodo sat up slightly to look Sam clearly in the eyes, so that he would leave no doubt where his heart called.

“Oh Sam, you silly fool. Though you are ever mine, Gandalf was... like a grandfather to me. I never thought of him in that... well way.”

Sam joined Frodo in his laughter. “An all powerful Wizard, who knew everything, all I could think about was... how could I ever compete with that?”

Taking Sam's face into his hands, Frodo kissed Sam's cheek and lips and smiled. “You didn't have to, Samwise Gamgee. You held my heart the day I stepped into Bag End. The moment I laid eyes upon you my heart was held captive. Believe me, I have never been so happy as I am right here, right now.”

And Sam never again would question that love or belief again.


Frodo and Sam had enjoyed a quiet evening by the fire place and quite a feast had been set for them by Lindir. It had left them feeling sleepy afterwards and a call to an early bed had them scrambling to their chambers.

A week had already passed and far too quickly and Frodo had finally concluded that they would have to have another Honeymoon... next summer. A trip to Bag End might be in order. They could leave the younger children in Eowyn or Aragorn’s care, while the older ones Frodo could deliver to Rose’s parents.

Frodo was sure, now that Rose was gone, the Cottons were quite lonely and a long visit with there Grandchildren would help them heal. Moments later, Frodo drifted off into a peaceful sleep that had something to do with dancing mushrooms.


It was well into the night when the sound of a wail awoke him. Frodo paused and blinked, wiping at his sleep filled eyes. What time was it? It had to be late. Poor Belle she must be hungry.

“--got to feed the baby.”

Sighing and still in a half dazed sleep, Frodo was about to get up out of the bed, when Sam pulled Frodo back down to the pillows muttering softly in a half sleepy daze himself. He had been having such a wonderful dream about mushrooms and a very naked Frodo on his kitchen table when he had been startled awake by a small wail.

“Go back to sleep, Frodo me dear, I'll go feed Belle. My turn anyway.” Sam now started to rise and then he stopped.

A dawning realization struck them and the sleepy haze vanished and abruptly they became fully awake. Both Frodo and Sam looked at each other in the darkness, then with a loud gasp they got out of bed, pulled on there robes and made for the door.


Frodo could not believe his eyes when he walked into the small kitchen. Legolas was sitting in a chair and was holding a small bundle in his left arm, while trying to feed the small bundle with a bottle of milk with his right. The bundle had flailing arms and legs, as if it was not pleased at this arrangement. As the wails increased, one could see clearly that Legolas was getting equally fretful.

What was he doing wrong? He knew the small one was hungry? Why was she not eating?

The twin sons of Elrond were bent down at the same table, looking under the cloth at a small dark figure that was trying to hide at the corner wall. It was most unsettling to see the twins trying to offer soup and bread to the tiny creature and getting no results at all with the effort. The small creature was far too frightened.

Frodo and Sam looked at each other and then went into action. Sam moved to Legolas side and shaking his head reached in and moved Legolas left arm slightly upward.

“Bring the little one up just a little, Sir. That way the little one won't feel so topsy turvey. Now, slant the bottle just a bit to the side. There you go.”

With Sam's slight adjustment, Legolas found the baby now accepted the bottle and began to drink from it with much happier results. The crying finally came to a stop.

Frodo meanwhile got down on his knees and settled himself in front of the small figure. He made no attempts to touch the child but just sat and waited. His arms held out so as not to appear as threatening.

The small elf child was still crying when it realized that he was being stared at by a different pair of eyes. He thought at first that it was also another elf child when he realized that this being was no elf. He wiped at his eyes and stared at the being quietly.

The older being did appear to have a shining light that surrounded him. This thing in front of him was special, that much was certain. And so they sat that way, starring at each other for quite sometime, before the elf child looked at Frodo's hands and realized that the small creature had only nine fingers. Nine fingers. He gasped and then Frodo found himself holding a crying elf child in his arms.

It took some time, but Frodo managed to get the small one off the floor and into a chair, where Elladan handed a tray of food. When the child looked confusingly all around him, Frodo quickly took up a fork and knife and began to feed the child himself. After the plate was clear and the child had begun to sway, Frodo got up and helped the child to his feet. With Elladan leading the way, they took the now sleepy children to the nursery where Lindir had prepared a crib and small bed for its occupants. Once they were settled, Frodo and Sam closed the door and followed the Twins and Legolas back to the kitchen.

“Who are they?” Frodo had asked once they were all seated in front of the fireplace.

Legolas told the tale of the Orcs and the now orphaned children. At the end of it, Frodo felt tears come to his eyes.

“Once more, a child is made orphaned because of Sauron.”

Frodo clearly thought of Belle and how she had come to be in the Baggins and Gamgee household. Though Frodo truly blessed the day she came into his life, he still could not help but feel sorry for the way that it had come about. Frodo knew and could feel the pain and loss of one's parents. It was more than just heart breaking.

The child for years to come would blame themselves for the loss. Thinking in some way if they had done this or done that their parents would be alive. Eventually that would mend, but the longing and loneliness never relinquished its hold and the lack of belonging left a hole that no individual could fill.

“Poor Little un's. What will you do? Bring them back to Mirkwood forest?”, asked Sam.

Legolas shrugged sadly. “Not yet. I have sent a letter to my father. I must first try to learn who the children are before I can do anything. They may yet have kin in these lands and they may wish to come for them.”

“And if they don't?” asked Frodo. Legolas had no answer and Frodo looked to Sam with a silent question, Sam only looked back with eyes that held no answer.



“Frodo, not now. It is late and morning will be coming soon.”

“But, Sam.”

“Frodo, my love they are elf children. They are not even half hobbit. They may yet even have kin that will want to claim them.”

“But if they don't?”

“Then we shall cross that bridge when it happens.”

Sam felt Frodo move slightly in the bed, and Sam let out a soft sigh. “We have eleven already. The Smial is full.”

“You always said, 'There is always room for one more...' did you not?” Frodo replied back softly.

“My love, I know your heart and believe me, if I could I would gladly take them in but--”

“I know, Sam. I know we can't save them all, it is just... they are so young... so small. So helpless...”

Sam sighed again and pulled Frodo back into his arms. “Let us not worry about that right now... Let it wait until morning...”

And though Sam fell asleep shortly after, Frodo did not. The sound of a small wail stirred him from his bed.

He carefully pulled on his robe once more and tiptoed out into the hall. When Frodo arrived at the room, he found that the sounds of the baby had softened and the sound of elvish singing come from within. Frodo opened the door slightly and looked inside and smiled in surprise.

Legolas was sitting in a chair, rocking the baby in his arms and looking down at her, singing a soft but ancient melody, probably sung to him as a child. What surprised Frodo was the look in Legolas eyes. A look that mirrored many an expectant father or parent. The elves eyes were filled with love and perhaps even something else. Hope.

Frodo returned to his chambers and gently got back into bed. Sam's arms were waiting for him and Frodo smiled and curved his body into their familiar and most happy position and within moments Frodo drifted off to sleep.


In the early hours of morning, Frodo awoke again, not the sound of wailing but of laughter. Frodo rose from his bed and moved to the nearby window. Below he could see the sons of Elrond outside in the garden. Sitting on a stone bench in front of them was the small boy.

The boy had apparently been washed and dressed and now was being amused by the playful antics of Elrond's sons who, although were thousands of years old, still acted like elflings themselves.

Frodo watched them play with the boy for a half an hour and then with a satisfied smile on his face, Frodo went back to bed. When Sam awoke a few moments later, Frodo pulled Sam back down and into his arms.

“Go back to sleep, Sam. Everything is well in hand.”

And the two hobbits drifted back into a much needed rest.


More to come.

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